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Command and Staff
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Command and Staff
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Command and Staff Course

Course Aim

The aim of the Command and Staff Course is to educate, train and develop officers for their roles as leaders in the SAF.

Commandant's Opening Address

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Command and Staff Course are:

a.    To comprehend the evolving and fundamental changes and trends in the strategic environment, and be sufficiently adaptable to meet the operational and organisational challenges that may arise from these.

b.    To possess the knowledge and skills to conceptualise and plan military operations in a Joint environment as a leader at a Joint/Service strategic and/or tactical level of war.

c.    To competently arrive at timely decisions based on systemic analysis of the relevant context, factors and values, drawing on his/her education and development in the core disciplines of the course.

d.    To be adept at applying military technology in developing innovative operational concepts and capabilities and fully appreciate the impact of future technology trends and developments.

e.    To be inspired to life-long learning and to hone the meta-competencies of self-awareness and personal mastery.

Design of the Course

The Command and Staff Course was designed to educate officers with the ability to understand Joint operations and to work in a Joint environment in both War and Operations Other Than War (OOTW) campaigns, built upon a basis of strong Service competencies and skills.

The Command and Staff Course takes into consideration the need for Officers-on-course to appreciate the relevance of new knowledge and therefore curriculum is delivered with context using a multi-disciplinary approach. In particular, there is an emphasis on the application of military technology in this course. In order to prepare officers to meet the challenges and complexities of future conflicts, the course curriculum balances the need to study and appreciate the lessons of past campaigns vis-à-vis a need to be future-orientated.

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