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Our vision is to be a World Class College providing a First Class Experience.




At GKS CSC, our mission is to develop SAF officers for their roles as mid-level leaders in the Singapore Armed Forces.  Our vision of ‘World Class College, First Class Experience’ articulates the aspiration of GKS CSC to be a world-class institution, recognized for its quality of curriculum, conducive learning environment and unmatched facilities to enable officers to enjoy a holistic, relevant and nurturing education that can be summarized as an experience that is truly first class.

A Command and Staff College that aspires to be world class must excel at meeting the education and training needs of mid-level SAF officers. It must expose officers to the challenges of leadership and management in Singapore and SAF. With the ever changing landscape, GKS CSC is an important institution to ensure that mid-level SAF Officers are capable of operating and thriving in the full spectrum of the operational continuum, are able to thrive in a dynamic environment by being highly adaptive and are highly resilient.

To this end, no effort is spared to ensure that the quality and delivery of curriculum are of the highest standards to enable all officers to have a professional enriching and enjoyable learning experience that is second to none. 

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