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The Men and Women of GKS CSC

GKS CSC has a strength of 52 personnel comprising 20 Military Officers, 7 Defence Executive Officers, 1 Military Warrant Officer and 24 Specialists and Enlistees. There is a good mix of general military experience and specialized expertise in technical areas.

They can be viewed in three broad groups as follows:

  • Military Officers.    These constitute the Directing Staff of the College. These are senior SAF officers at the LTC, SLTC and COL rank, and Defence Executive Officers at DX14 and DX15 grade with combat, combat support or combat service support experience in command and/or staff line at the various levels and divisions of MINDEF and the SAF.

  • Defence Executive Officers.    These are middle echelon non-uniformed officers of DX12 and 10 grade and support staff of DX6/7 grade who provide the administrative, instructional, and training support required in the conduct of the courses.
  • Military Warrant Officer, Specialists and Enlistees.    Besides the Warrant Officer and two Regular military personnel of 1SG & 2SG rank, the remaining 16 Specialists or Enlistees are serving their full-time National Service. In essence, we believe that innovation at the operational level will lead to success in achieving the College's vision. 

The people positioned where the work is make the difference once the organizational architecture/systemic structures are in place to support their efforts. Their capacity to innovate is critical in bringing the College to the next level and subsequent levels. Learning and innovation go hand-in-hand and is a way of life in the College.

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