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GKS CSC Complex Located within SAFTI MI

The Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College (GKS CSC) is the Singapore Armed Forces'  premier educational institution. All SAF’s leaders pass through the portals of GKS CSC.

Each year, specially selected officers attend the various courses offered here at GKS CSC. Through our course curriculum and extra curricula activities, these officers acquire the requisite exposure to the complexities and challenges of leading the SAF into the future.

GKS CSC is proud to be one of three schools within SAFTI Military Institute, the other two being the Officer Cadet School (OCS) and the SAF Advanced Schools (SAS). Together, these schools provide holistic officer education and training for regular and National Service Full-Time officers of the Singapore Armed Forces.


Our Values

The SAF core values of Loyalty to Country, Leadership, Discipline, Professionalism, Fighting Spirit, Ethics and Care for Soldier are at the center of every decision and activity in the college.  Additionally, we at GKS CSC espouses the Culture of Excellence and Open Mindedness as two additional values that it deems as cardinal.

The GKS CSC values are explained as follows:

Loyalty to Country is what commits us as Singaporeans to protect and defend our nation. The nation represents our cherished home; our family and our way of life. We have a sacred duty to protect our nation. Loyalty is imperative for officers in GKS CSC since the very nature of officership summons us to defend the nation and, if need be for us to sacrifice our lives for Singapore. 

Leadership is being able to influence and motivate those that we lead; to imbue them with trust and confidence so that they will carry out missions confidently and to their best ability. Officers achieve this through the application of sound knowledge as well as abilities such as being able to communicate with their followers. Outstanding leaders lead by example, personal presence and involvement. GKS CSC supports the development of leaders who are committed, confident and competent to ensure the defence of the nation are assured by commanders who are competent to lead. The SAF expects graduates of GKS CSC to possess the highest standards of leadership so as to lead, excel and inspire others to give of their best for Singapore.

Discipline in GKS CSC is compliance to orders and the execution of assigned tasks. In GKS CSC, discipline connotes inner strength, self-control, mental stamina, physical toughness and perseverance. A high standard of discipline must be maintained to train officers to withstand fear and tension. 

In GKS CSC , Professionalism is manifested as proficiency and reliability in all we do. Professionalism represents an unceasing strive for excellence, which rejects complacency. In GKS CSC, it also incorporates and emphasises a sense of duty and service, which compels everyone to give their best. It is the sense of professionalism which binds the SAF together. As a team, we strive to excel in all we do; to serve with pride, honour and integrity.

Fighting Spirit is the tenacity to succeed in whatever we do. In GKS CSC, it is characterized by determination, aggressiveness and perseverance in the spirit of officership. Fighting spirit strengthens our resolve and courage. In GKS CSC , fighting spirit is manifested in the dedication, stamina and endurance, which enables us to overcome obstacles and achieve our mission, no matter the odds.

Ethics is about doing what one ought to do even when no one is watching. It concerns the moral will to do what is right despite the threats to values-based actions both in peacetime and in war. It involves choosing and deciding from among competing values and principles, what to act upon. In the context of the military, ethical conduct is displayed through one's exemplary behaviour, respect for others, and sense of loyalty and responsibility. In GKS CSC, this  translates  to integrity in daily work and never abusing one's position or power against others for selfish gains.

Care for Soldiers is the genuine concern that we have for the well-being of our colleagues and those whom we are accountable for. The well-being and development of officers in GKS CSC is a priority.  This care and concern also extends to the families of those on course.

Culture of Excellence is constant strive for greater mastery. It is also about lifelong learning and continual development and upgrading for officers, administrators and faculty. Those who pass through the College should clearly be inspired and emerge a “Better person, a better expert in the spectrum of operations, and a better leader”.

Open Mindedness is exemplified by a willingness to accept shortcomings, mistakes and set learning as a key goal besides performing. Implicit in this is the acceptance that there could be differing views that could also merit acceptance.  In GKS CSC, officers are encouraged to suspend judgment and to always keep an open mind by active listening.


Our Approach to Development

GKS CSC inspires and develops selected officers to assume leadership roles in the SAF. The hallmark of effective leaders include the core and meta competencies that are articulated in the SAF Leadership Competence Model. GKS CSC places great emphases on developing leaders who are strong conceptual thinkers, socially adept, professionally competent, able to develop and improve the SAF as well as themselves.

GKS CSC offers a professional military education at the post-graduate level. Domain experts from the SAF and other institutions deliver the Command and Staff Course curricula.

As in all adult learning environments, officers are expected to come prepared to share views and knowledge. Throughout the respective courses, officers apply knowledge and critical thinking to arrive at sound decisions and plans and are expected to clearly articulate the pros and cons of their choices.

The officers who graduate from GKS CSC are expected to excel in the following:

a.    Decision Making.   The graduate must be able to competently arrive at timely decisions based on logical systematic analysis of the relevant context, factors and values.

b.    Military Operations.    The graduate must be able to conceptualise and plan military operations in a Joint or Single Service environment

c.    Life-Long Learning.    The graduate must be inspired to a lifelong learner. He must develop greater self-awareness and personal mastery.

d.    Organisational Knowledge.    The graduate must be able to comprehend changes and trends in strategic environment and to be adaptive to organisational challenges that arise.

e.    Military Technology.    The graduate must be adept at applying military technology in developing innovative operational concepts and capabilities and to fully appreciate the impact of future technology trends and developments.

Understanding that the military profession demands a high standard of physical fitness, GKS CSC also seeks to promote physical fitness by encouraging active participation in sports and games. These activities also promote a healthy sense of competition and allow for greater interaction.



GKS CSC's World Class Courses

GKS CSC is continually evolving to ensure that the training and education of tomorrow’s leaders are relevant to the ever-changing world. Where previously GKS CSC has only conducted the flagship Command and Staff Course, we have expanded to also conduct the Command and Staff Course (Executive) and the Command and Staff Course (National Service). These courses have a duration of 41 weeks, with varying durations spent on campus.  Each course caters to the unique educational needs of officers.

GKS CSC conducts the following four courses:

Command and Staff Course [CSC].    The CSC’s 41-week curriculum is entirely on-campus.  It is a course attended by regular officers from the Singapore Armed Forces and invited International Officers with the ranks of Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Military Expert 5, Military Expert 6 and their equivalence.

Command and Staff CSC(Executive) [CSC(E)].    The CSC(E)  has a 26-week Off-campus Phase and a 15-week On-campus Phase. It is attended by regular officers from the Singapore Armed Forces with the ranks of Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Military Expert 5 and Military Expert 6.

Command and Staff Course (National Service) [CSC(NS)].    The CSC(NS) is has a 36-week Off-campus Phase and a 5-week On-campus Phase. It is attended by selected National Service officers with the ranks of Captain(NS) and Major(NS) from the Singapore Armed Forces.


Our Partners in Education

The Singapore Armed Forces-Nanyang Technological University Academy [SAF-NTU Academy or SNA] is an important partner to GKS CSC as it ensures that the non-military education needs are met. 

In partnership with the SNA, officers are exposed to leading academics and practitioners from renowned institutions such as the Rajaratnam School of International Studies [RSIS], Nanyang Business School [NBS], College of Engineering (COE), National University of Singapore [NUS], Temasek Defence Systems Institute [TDSI] and the United States Naval Postgraduate School [NPS].

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