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SAFTI MI PRIDE and Safety Day 2012
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Posted: 21 Mar 2012, 0900 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

SAFTI MI PRIDE and Safety Day


Directing Staff, Instructors and all SAFTI-rians.

Good Afternoon.

Welcome to the 2012 SAFTI MI PRIDE and Safety Day.

Today we want to recognize the good work of our people in the PRIDE movement and also take time to reflect on the safety issues over the past year and in anticipation for the new workyear.

First, the PRIDE movement.

The PRIDE movement has been in the SAF for the past 30 years (started in 1981) and has helped us to be efficient and effective in our work.

Last year alone the movement saved the SAF close to $6 million and countless man hours in daily operations.

The innovative spirit must continue to be part of our daily life in order to exemplify a strong culture of innovation and creativity.

I would like every instructor and staff to embrace the innovative spirit and adopt a bottom-up approach in initiating ideas to constantly improve our daily training and work. Innovation should be an instinctive part of our daily work culture.

As a premier training institution, we must continue to foster a strong innovative culture that continuously seek improvement in training methods, processes and administration.

Through innovative and creative ways of training, we can push our boundaries to prove quality training that is tough, realistic and meaningful to our trainees.

We should ride the PRIDE movement not just to save costs but more importantly to make our environment more conducive, our tasks more efficient and our teachings more effective.

I would like to mention two outstanding PRIDE contributions. The 650 Headset Hybrid Helmet is the brainchild of OCS Foxtrot Wing.

Holding onto the 650 handset curtailed Instructors involvement in training.

The project team solved this by attaching the handset to the combat helmet.

This freed the instructors to better guide cadets whilst still maintaining communications during field training.

The SAF Commanders Guide by CLD is another project that can be used SAF-wide.

Salient points discussed during leadership workshops and classes captured in a clear and easy to refer format.

Commanders were were then able to recall and apply the LD theory when required.

I commend both teams for a job well done.

These projects and others by the many teams within SAFTI MI clearly exemplify this year's PRIDE theme "Simple Ideas, Big Difference".

Moving on to Training Safety.

Without some periodic re-awakening to the ever-present risks and safety hazards in our training, complacency deepens and the odds of a safety incident occurring can increase.

We must never let complacency set in.

Safety is part of our operations and training.

Not surprisingly, over the past 2 years safety incidences related to training headed the list with 10 case in SAFTI MI.

Five of these incidences involved heat injuries.

This was followed closely by 4 sports-related injuries and 3 motor transport incidences.

Formation Safety Officer will elaborate further when he presents our safety report card.

We must continue to instil a strong safety culture in our instructors and staff through leadership emphasis.

Our training schools must continue to train realistically and rigorously to prepare our officers for military operations, but we must never compromise safety.

Safety of our people is of paramount importance.

It is heartening to note that the Officer Cadet School has consistently maintained Band One in the GSI Safety Management System Audit and safety system in other school houses are well in placed.

SAFTI Service Centre is under way to attain the Occupational Hazard and Safety Assessment Series Certification in the coming workyear.

The year's theme, "Safety is worth every effort, everyone has a role" is apt.

It remind us that safety is a critical part of everything we do. Each one of us whatever role we play, have a responsibility to the people we lead.

Keep safety in mind, always.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the award winners and also thanks the organizing committee, led by Deputy Commander (Air Wing) and Formation Safety Officer for making this event possible.

Let us all continue to work together for another productive and safe year.

Thank You.

Last updated on 02 Apr 2012
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