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SAFTI MI (08 AUG 2011)
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SAFTI MI Cohesion Run
25 Nov 11
15th ARF Heads of
Meeting (29 Nov to 2
Dec 2011)
15th ARF Heads of Defense Universities/Colleges/Institutions Meeting (ARF HDUCIM)
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Posted: 16 Jan 2012, 1420 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

Commandant SAFTI MI, BG Tan Ming Yiak Mark, accompanied by Deputy Commandant SAFTI MI/Head Centre for Operational Learning (COL), COL Lim Seng Hock and Head Strategic Research Section (COL), Mr Eddie Lim, attended the 15th ARF Heads of Defence Universities/Colleges/Institutions Meeting (ARF HDUCIM) in Bali, Indonesia from 29 Nov to 2 Dec 2011. This meeting was hosted by the Indonesian Defense University(IDU) and was attended by 22 out of 27 ARF countries.

This year's theme was "Communication, Cooperation, Coordination" and was further sub-divided into 3 topics; a) Achieving Best Practice, b) Making a Societal Contribution and c) Supporting Security. Comdt SAFTI MI presented on the first topic, elaborating on the sub-topic 'Strategies for Keeping Teaching and Learning Environments Effective - The SAFTI MI Experience'. In his presentation, Comdt SAFTI MI highlighted the SAF's commitment to developing an SAF capable of dealing with the increasingly globalised world, with all the concomitant challenges on learning and educating our people. A Networked SAF necessitates a Learning-Centric SAF, capable of adopting and adapting cutting-edge technologies in the training and education of our servicemen, and a Learner-Centric SAF, ready to commit and engage with the changing educational landscape to ensure an optimal learning environment for our regulars and NSFs.

As an example of the SAF's developments in the area of learning and education, Comdt SAFTI MI spoke of the introduction of LEARNet and how the use of technology maximised contact time between trainers and trainees for After-Action Reviews (AARs) and Coaching Sessions, letting the trainee play a greater role in their own education through research, journalling and reflecting on lessons learnt. The adoption of educational pedagogies like Action-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning, emphasising the role of the educated in their own education, are other aspects of changing the learning culture within the SAF. By emphasising a dynamic learning system that is networked and focussed on making learning current and relevant for the Gen-Y and beyond, the SAF will be ready for all operational challenges.

Last updated on 16 Jan 2012
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