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Landmarks and Photos
The SAFTI Tower

SAFTI Military Institute's buildings are designed to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. The architectural design blends in with the natural surroundings, with nature trails for visitors to amble along. 

The Tower is a prominent landmark in SAFTI MI. This 60 metre three-sided structure is symbol which represents the Tri-Service of the SAF; Army, Navy and Air Force.

It includes a lift for visitors during the Cadet's Family Day who had just transitioned from Common Leadership Module (CLM) term to Service Term (ST). The tower has a 265 steps stairway symbolising the days an officer cadet takes to commission as an officer.

View from the East side of the SAFTI Tower.

View from the West side of the SAFTI Tower.

View from the North side of the SAFTI Tower.

The Ceremonial Hall

The Ceremonial Hall is a solemn place where military traditions are observed and ceremonies performed.

Within the building, mounted on the central wall, is the SAF Officer’s Creed. The material used on the wall on which the Officer’s Creed is inscribed, is called Travertine. This light coloured material with the Officer’s Creed inscribed in gold lettering contrasts well with the surrounding black granite flooring and evokes an aura of prominence to the Creed. The reflecting pool outside also serves to add to the solemn and serious atmosphere besides enhancing the architecture and surroundings.

The flooring is tiled with polished Italian black granite. At the centre is a small area tiled with granite from Bukit Timah Hill. It has great symbolic significance – new Officer Cadets are standing on the “soil of Singapore” as they pledge to take up the challenge of Officer Cadet training, further reminding them of their purpose and mission in the defence of the nation.

It is also the permanent home of the SAFTI Colours and the “Sword and Torch” of OCS are placed in a glass casing at the centre of the hall. Flanking it are the “Honour Roll” boards, reserved for the names of Officers who sacrificed their lives in the defence of the country.

The Sword and Torch

The stainless steel SAFTI MI Insignia was cast by Mr Robin Blau, an Australian artist. It is displayed at the Ceremonial Hall. 

The length of the Sword is 900mm, and it weighs 4kg. The material used for the hilt, grip and the “blood groove” is sterling silver. 

The Torch is 900mm in length, weighs 5kg and is made of stainless steel with the lion head at the burner and other decorated details of sterling silver. 

The Torch has three main parts, i.e. the flame cap when displayed in the case, the Torch head with the lion head castled and the shaft.

The Torch can be lit with the fuel provided from a small gas cylinder encased in the Torch’s shaft. 

The Sword and Torch signifies the pivotal role played by the SAFTI Military Institute in moulding and educating its military Officers in the art of warfare.

The Parade Square

The Parade Square is the scene of significant occasions such as Commissioning Parades and military displays.

The SAFTI Link Bridge

SAFTI Link is the bridge which provides easy access to the training grounds. It symbolises the historic link between the old and the new SAFTIs. It potraits the link between the Specialist Cadet School (SCS) and the Officer Cadet School (OCS).

Last updated on 27 Feb 2019
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