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Mission and Vision


“To develop SAF Officers who lead in the defence of Singapore, so as to safeguard its independence and sovereignty.

Through its tri-service training, SAFTI MI provides coherent and integrated professional development for SAF Officers living the motto - To Lead, To Excel, To Overcome.”


"SAFTI MI aspires to be the premier Military Education and Training Institute, committed to developing world class Officers dedicated to the defence of the Nation."


SAFTI Military Institute builds upon SAFTI's tradition of providing professional, rigorous and disciplined training for Army, Navy and Air Force officers.

Through its tri-service training, SAFTI Military Institute aims to forge common bonds and commitment among fellow officers, and build an integrated SAF.

Tri-Service Training

The modern battlefield requires us to operate jointly as an integrated system, complementing one another to enhance each other's capabilities. Hence, SAFTI Military Institute trains officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force. The common values, ideals, and sense of purpose acquired here will provide the foundation for an integrated and cohesive SAF. 

Tri-Level Training

 All levels of officer training from the junior level at Officer Cadet School, to the intermediate in SAF Advanced Schools, to senior command and staff level at Singapore Command and Staff College are centralised at SAFTI Military Institute. The curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the various requirements at each level, with no gaps or unnecessary overlaps. The curriculum is therefore a solid and integrated whole, yet meeting the demands at each level of training for a strong foundation in professional military knowledge and leadership skills.

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