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SAF Education Office (SEO)
Vision, Mission, Strategy

SAF Education Vision

Academic and professional upgrading opportunities for all

Our Mission

·        Plan & execute SAF continuing education strategy

·        Design & implement continuing education programmes

·        Forge partnerships with educational institutions

SAF Education Strategy

·        Multiple & flexible pathways

·        Partnership with educational institutions

·        Recognition of SAF job experience 

About SAF Education Office

The SAF Education Office is the central agency that coordinates and synchronizes all efforts in Professional Military Education and Training (PMET) and Continuing Education (CE) to meet the SAF's intent to increase the engagement of all SAF personnel, through enhanced education and accreditation of their leadership and work experience acquired during operational missions and on-the-job projects.

The Office plans and drives PMET & CE for Officers, WOSpecs and Military Experts across Services, and formulates, co-ordinates and implements the SAF CE strategy and PMET & CE programmes internally within the SAF and externally with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). The Office also forges partnerships with IHLs to offer diploma, degree and post-graduate education, and administers the accreditation of these programmes. 


·        SAF-NTU Academy (SNA)

·        Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

·        National University Of Singapore (NUS)

·        Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

·        Singapore Management University

·        Local Polytechnics


CE Master's Programme

The SAF CE Master's Programme provides Professional Military Education and Training (PMET) to Command and Staff Course (CSC) / Command and Staff Course (Executive) (CSC(E)) students as well as an opportunity for them to pursue a Master’s degree with NTU and SMU. The programme consists of 2 phases:

1)   Phase 1: CSC/CSC(E). The Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College (GKS CSC) co-design and co-teach 5 modules in CSC, and 4 modules in CSC(E), as part of the CSC/ CSC(E) curriculum. The modules in CSC(E) are Leadership in Context (LC), Leadership Development in Organisation (LDO), Analysis of Defence and Security Studies (ADSP), Campaign and War Studies (CWS). In CSC, Systems and Project Management (SPM) module is taught as the 5th module. In addition, Naval Officers in CSC will take the Maritime Security Studies (MSS) module during the Warfighting Term. Depending on the number of modules taken at the accredited level and the Master’s Degree programme, our Officers can transfer 1 to 4 Credit(s) towards a Master’s Degree programme in Phase 2.

2)    Phase 2: Post-CSC/ CSC(E) Master’s Degree Programme. Officers can choose from a comprehensive list of Master’s Degree programmes from NTU and SMU. Qualified SAF Officers (i.e. CSC graduates who hold a recognised Bachelor's degree) will have the flexibility of up to 7 years to pursue their chosen Master’s Degree programme studies with NTU or SMU.

CE Master's Sponsorship (including Full Pay Study Leave sponsorship of up to 32 weeks) will kick in during this phase.

Upon completion of the programme, our Officers will be awarded a regular NTU/ SMU Master’s Degree. In addition, Officers in CSC who successfully completed 5 modules at accredited level as well as the NTU Postgraduate programme will be awarded with the NTU Graduate Diploma in Military Leadership (GDML) in recognition of the value of their military experience and education.


Undergraduate Professional Military Education and Training (UGPMET) programme is mainly a non-residential programme. These courses are a fusion of military knowledge and up-to-date academic developments, that are delivered with our partner, NTU, through the SAF-NTU Academy.

It previously comprises three University-accredited general elective courses that were pegged at the Undergraduate level of difficulty. They were Military Leadership (ML), Military Studies (MS) and Military Technology (MT). In the review in 2017, MT has been removed from the programme with effect from 2018’s UGPMET.

The programme will be conducted during NTU’s 12-week Special Term in May – Jul every year. The 6-week UGPMET will be conducted twice. The following is the detail on the UGPMET programme from 2018 onwards:

ML / MS }

Conducted as a combined 6-week ML/ MS course, including a 1-week residential phase for JLP(UGPMET) by Centre For Leadership Development (CLD).


Current construct of UGPMET (6 weeks per student)

ML it is conducted by Nanyang Business School (NBS) and MS is conducted by S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), NTU.


The Electronic Professional Military Education and Training (ePMET) programme is a self-directed learning programme designed to provide Regular SAF Officers/ MEs the professional functional job-task requirements and knowledge to assume Company Commander or equivalent appointments in the SAF. It is a Tri-Service ROA course and they are required to complete the programme as a pre-requisite to respective Service’s Advanced Courses. SEO conducts three runs a year in Feb, Jun and Oct. Students are to attend workshops for each module and complete a test. From Jun 2018, students are to complete a quiz as part of formative assessment before attending the workshops.

The e-PMET programme covers seven functional PMET modules as follows:

·        Finance Management

·        Military Human Resource

·        Military Law and Justice

·        Military Logistics

·        Military Security

·        Military Training

·        National Service (NS) Affairs

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Programme

The SDL programme rides on the OSN eLearning to deliver the learning content of 8 to 10 hours for each subject. This content serves as a summary of references that will be useful to support your work in the SAF.

e-PMET Workshops

The workshop covers the 7 modules scheduled over 3.5 days in SAFTI MI. The workshops provide face-to-face opportunities for you to clarify issues, receive latest updates and insights on the subjects with SAF SMEs. Learning is enhanced via case studies discussion and sharing of experiences to highlight lessons learnt. Attendance of the workshop for that particular subject is compulsory before you are allowed to sit for the e-PMET test. From Jun 2018, Participants are to pass the quiz before attending the workshops.

e-PMET Tests (Prior to Jun 2018)

The tests are open book MCQ per subject, conducted via evia OSN. The passing mark is 70% or 28 correct answers out of 40 MCQs. Participants are encouraged to take the test until they pass. The tests will only be available after participants attend the workshops.

e-PMET Quizzes (From Jun 2018)

The quizzes are open book MCQ per subject, conducted via OSN. The passing mark is 70% or 28 correct answers out of 40 MCQs. Participants are to take the quizzes until they pass. Participants are to pass the quiz before attending the workshops.

SAF-SUSS Part-Time UG programmes

The SAF-SUSS (UniSIM) Part-Time Degree Programme allows non-graduates SAF Officers, Warant Officers and Military Experts to attain a degree with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Under this programme, SAF personnel can choose from the full range of SUSS undergraduate degree programmes. They may also choose to do a customized degree with a Minor in "Military Studies". Completion of SAF PMET courses such as the UG-PMET for junior officers, and the CSC/ CSC(E) for mid level officers, will earn credits towards this degree.

Besides credit recognition from SAF PMET courses, MINDEF/ SAF offers Part-Time Degree Study Scheme to support this programme. Eligible SAF personnel will be sponsored for part-time local studies with tuition fees and approved charges paid for.

CET Programmes

MINDEF/ SAF forged strategic partnership with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to recognize SAF job experience and training, and provide our Regulars with academic upgrading opportunities through Continuing Education and Training (CET).

CET diplomas provide additional pathways for our regulars to pursue further education beyond the current programmes sponsored under CLASS and MSA. This is in line with MINDEF/ SAF's long term interest to continually develop our servicemen so that their potential and contributions to MINDEF/ SAF can be maximised .

Currently, The Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) offer the following CET Diploma for in-service MEs and WOSpecs without diploma qualification:

Diploma in Business and Management Studies (NYP)
Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering (NYP) }

These CET Diplomas in Engineering are national certification recognised in the industry

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (RP)


In addition, Centre for Management Development (CMD) also offers some bridging certificate programmes to qualify ME1-ME3 and WOSpecs with incomplete academic qualification, but have relevant job experience and/ or training recognized for entry to CET diploma courses. The bridging programmes developed by SUSS, RP and NYP are designed to provide foundation in English, Mathematics and Science, including presentation and writing skills for technical reporting.


Conducted By

Certificate in Business and Management

Nanyang Polytechnic

Certificate in SUSS Modules (uCore)

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Engineering Bridging Programmes

Nanyang & Republic Polytechnic

WOSpecs and MEs are strongly encouraged to sign up for the above programmes. Do contact your respective PMCs for further assistance on the application process.

SAF CE Framework

The SAF embraces a holistic Continuous Education (CE) framework to nurture the cognitive potential of our people and to encourage a spirit of continuous learning, To this end, the SAF provides a myriad of upgrading opportunities for all levels of SAF personnel as shown in the figures:

·        CE opportunities for Officers

·        CE opportunities for WOSpecs

·        CE opportunities for MEs

CE's Master's Programme Sponsorship for Officers

The sponsorship scheme covers tuition fees, approved charges and an option to take 32 weeks of Full Pay Study Leave (FPSL). The MTS arising from the FPSL will run consecutively to the MTS from the Master's Sponsorship and any existing bond/MTS that are academic in nature.

Terms and Conditions

SAF will consider sponsoring all SAF Officers who have graduated from CSC/CSC(E) and qualify for admission into Master's Programme offered by both NTU and SMU.

The SAF will not sponsor repeated courses; if officers fail a course and have to retake the course to graduate from their Master's degree programme, they must pay the fees for that particular course.

Sponsorship will also be terminated if SAF Officers are unable to meet NTU/ SMU's graduation requirements for the CE Masters Programme.

·        Minimum Term of Service(MTS)

Upon completing the SAF CE Master's Programme by attaining an NTU/ SMU Master's degree, officers will have to serve a MTS of:

1.     ONE YEAR for those enrolled in a M.A or M.Sc. programme;

2.     ONE AND A HALF YEARS for those enrolled in a M.B.A programme.

Officers who opt to utilize FPSL will have to serve additional 1-year MTS for every 16 weeks of FPSL taken:

1.    TWO YEARS for those who take up >16 to ≤32 weeks of FPSL.

2.    ONE YEAR for those who take up <16 weeks of FPSL.

MTS for CE Masters sponsorship will commence upon completion of the Masters programme. MTS for FPSL will run consecutive to MTS for CE Masters sponsorship.

MTS for CE Masters sponsorship and MTS for FPSL will run consecutive to any other outstanding bond/MOS that are academic in nature.


SAF Officers will have to withdraw from the CE Master's Programme due to extenuating circumstances such as operational requirements or compassionate reasons will have to be considered on a case-by-case basis by the SAF. SAF Officers who withdraw from the programme without the SAF's approval will be liable for liquidated damages.

SAF Officers who resign from the service whilst in the midst of the CE Master's Programme will cease to receive SAF's sponsorship and will be liable for liquidated damages. Whether the officer will be allowed to continue with his or her Master's degree programme will be at NTU's/ SMU's discretion.

Part-time Study Sponsorship Scheme for Non-Graduate Officers

Sponsorship Components:

·        Tuition Fees & approved charges capped at rates for part-time local studies

·        Full-pay unrecorded leave to prepare and sit for examinations

Duration of Study

·        Sponsorship duration as described by institution of study, up to 5 years.


·        2 years bond for 2 or more years of part-time studies; or

·        1 year bond for studies less than 2 years

Interested personnel are to approach their respective PMCs for further details.

Part-time CLASS Degree for WOSPECs

Sponsorship Components:

·        Tuition Fees & approved charges capped at rates for part-time local studies.

·        Full-pay unrecorded leave to prepare and sit for examinations

Duration of Study:

·        Sponsorship duration as described by institution of study, up to 5 years.


·        2 years

Interested personnel are to approach their respective PMCs for further details.

Other Study Awards / Scholarships

·        LSA

·        LDS

·        LSA (Pilot)

·        SAS

·        SAF Medicine Scholarship

·        Part-Time Degree Sponsorship

·        SPA

·        Medical Postgraduate / Fellowship

·        Part-Time Masters Sponsorship


Contact Us

SAF Education Office

SAFTI Military Institute

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        (65) 6799 7298

Fax: (65) 6799 7299


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