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Singapore Command & Staff College
Goh Keng Swee Command & Staff College (GKS CSC)

GKS CSC is the premier training institute of the Singapore Armed Forces. The main thrust of its educational system is directed towards developing the student's professional judgement and intellectual growth, through the creation of an enviroment that generates innovative and creative thinking.

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Centre For Leadership Development (CLD)

CLD was established to promote Leadership excellence and to spearhead Leadership Development in the SAF. By researching and developing timely and relevant CLD programmes, processes, and practices, CLD seeks to develop highly effective and committed SAF Leaders, Commanders, and Command Teams. In addition, CLD's effectiveness is determined by its ability to collaborate and deliver contextualised and relevant Leader education that supports autonomous self-development by all Leaders and Commanders. 

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SAF Advanced Schools
SAF Advanced Schools (SAS)

The mission of the SAF Advanced Schools is to train a corps of Army, Navy and Air Force Officers to hold intermediate level command and staff appointments in the SAF.

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Officer Cadet School
Officer Cadet School (OCS)

The OCS mission is to be a world class Institution of training and education excellence that nurtures young men and women to be leaders dedicated to the service of SAF and the nation.

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Instructional Technology Center
Institute for Military Learning (IML)

Institute for Military Learning, previously know as Centre for Learning and Military Education (CLME), is established to develop competent, confident and committed SAF Instructors through training courses and continuing professional education programmes for all SAF instructors.

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Specialist and Warrant Officer Institute (SWI)

On 25 Feb 2014, the command of the Specialist and Warrant Officer Institute (SWI) was transferred from HQ 9th Division/Infantry to the SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI). 

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Service Support Unit
SAFTI Services Centre (SAFTI SC)

The Service Support Unit (then) was set up to provide mainly logistic support to the SAFTI Military Institute. It was set up in 1994 to facilitate the opening of the Institute.

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SAFTI Library

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SAFTI Alumni Association

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