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Prior to the formation of the School of Infantry Section Leaders (SISL) on 1 Oct 1970, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO), now known as the Warrant Officer Corp, received their training as part of the Officer Cadet Course.

12 years later, on 1 May 1982 , the School of Infantry Section Leaders (SISL) officially became the Singapore Armed Forces Infantry Non-Commissioned Officers School (SAFINCOS). This was done to coincide with the expansion of the schools' role of conducting both Basic Infantry Section Leader Courses, as well as advanced courses, such as the Platoon Sergeant course, Infantry Senior NCO course and the Reserve Infantry Senior NCO course.

Soon after, in 1992, SAFINCOS was renamed SISPEC.

SISPEC moved from Pasir Laba Camp to Pulau Tekong in 1999 only to move back to PLC in 2006, with the desired effect of strengthening the bonds between Specialists and Warrant Officers.

In 2010, with the inauguration of the Specialist & Warrant Officer Institute (SWI), SISPEC was officially renamed as the Specialist Cadet School (SCS).

The Specialist Cadet School is a dynamic junior leadership school where selected soldiers with leadership potential of all Arms begin their training to be leader warriors.

At SCS, there is a strong focus on character and leadership development, as well as imparting essential soldering skills.

To achieve these goals, SCS trainers are organised into Command Teams, made up of instructors that reside in the respective companies and Faculty Teams that are part of the headquarters and have dedicated areas of expertise.

Last updated on 01 Mar 2017
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