For WOSpecs by WOSpecs
Our Warrant Officer and Specialist (WOSpec) Corps is the backbone of Our Army. WOSpecs are Warfighters, Trainers and Leaders; they are disciplined, professional and operationally ready. They partner the Commissioned Officers and Military Expert Officers to provide leadership and anchor the core competencies and capabilities in the SAF to achieve mission success. WOSpecs are expected to be keenly cognisant of organisational requirements and soldiering trends, and be proficient in command, training and leadership. This Guidebook describes what it means to be a WOSpec; it defines their roles and responsibilities, the professional partnership between WOSpecs and Commissioned Officers, the importance of WOSpecs’ professional development and the leadership qualities expected of WOSpecs.
Cover Table of Contents Messages Preface / Editorial Committee
Our Army Vision,
Mission and Purpose
SAF WOSpec Vision and Mission The SAF Specialist Creed and Roar The SAF Warrant Officer Creed and Song
History of the Warrant Officers and Specialists Roles and Responsibilities Partnership with Officer Corps Training and Education Roadmap
Leadership Organisational
Action Learning
Recommended Reading List