Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will MDES personnel be deployed for overseas missions?

Yes. MDES is a uniformed military scheme and they will be required to operate alongside their Officer and WOSpec counterparts.

2. Why isn't the MDES retirement age consistent with the National Retirement Age (NRA)?

Based on SAF’s requirements and considerations of deployability and fitness, Military Experts can enjoy a career up to age 60.

3. Does this mean that Military Experts will be guaranteed employment till the age of 60?

As in all organisations, employment is based on performance and job suitability. Similarly, SAF will plan for careers in the MDES up to age 60. In unforeseen circumstances, for example where the organisation's requirements change or restructuring is required, similar to the Officer and WOSpecs schemes, a fair exit package will be provided to affected personnel.

1. What is the ROA for MDES? Is there a long wait for career progression given the higher retirement age?

Progression will be appropriately based on expertise and responsibility levels, rather than through the current assessments based on command and staff potential. The MDES ranks are designed to reflect the levels of expertise and responsibility required for those categories of appointments. Servicemen should expect a more deliberate pace of career progression and personal development in order to allow for deep specialisation in the specific military domain. The salary scales in each MDES grade are designed to recognise and reward higher expertise levels within the same responsibility band, as well as higher responsibility appointments for those with the demonstrated potential. Military Experts who display good performance and potential will be groomed to take on pinnacle, senior leadership positions and will progress at a faster pace.

2. Are MDES personnel subjected to the same 2 to 3 year posting tenures? How is it possible to achieve a deep specialisation if there are frequent postings to ground units and their HQ?

We expect MDES personnel to spend more time in each post so as to nurture the deep expertise required.

1. Will there be upgrading opportunities in MDES?

Yes, there will be upgrading opportunities for Military Experts (MEs). At the point of recruitment, there will be educational sponsorships to attract the right quality of people to join the MDES. Diploma holders with strong academic abilities can look forward to Degree sponsorships in the early part of their career. In-service upgrading opportunities are also available.

1. Will MDES Servicemen be offered Post-Retirement Medical Benefits (PRMB)?

MDES personnel will be on the Medisave-cum-Outpatient (MSO) medical scheme. This contributes 1% of their salary to their Medisave accounts each month, subject to a salary cap of $7,000 per month. This means a maximum monthly contribution of $70 to their Medisave account. There is also an outpatient allowance of up to $350 per year. With a retirement age of 60, Military Experts can accumulate a significant amount in their Medisave account, making PRMB redundant.

2. Will Military Experts be required to take IPPT?

Yes. Military Experts are part of the uniformed services and need to be physically fit to perform their role. The IPPT has been designed to cater to various age groups up to the age of 60 and provides a good measure of your individual physical fitness level, and gives you sufficient motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Are Military Experts subject to similar regimentation and discipline requirements as Officers and WOSpecs?

MDES is an uniformed military scheme and MDES servicemen will be subjected to similar regimentation and discipline requirements as Officers and WOSpecs.

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