SAF C4I Community

The SAF Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) has transformed the SAF into a networked and knowledge-enabled force. The C4I community brings together C4, Intelligence units and personnel from across the SAF.


We are C4I professionals, trusted and respected. Our people are dedicated, driven, and developed to their fullest potential. We deliver game-changing outcomes through cutting-edge technology and innovation to win in the information battlespace.


Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence Organisation (MIO) is a dynamic entity that supports the SAF Commanders in decision making by providing them with actionable information. As a Military Intelligence Expert (MIE) in C4I, you will develop specialised skills and deep operational knowledge, leveraging sophisticated systems and technology to provide superior intelligence that will shape the outcome of the information battlespace.


To provide Accurate, Relevant and Timely intelligence to MINDEF and SAF for early warning and decision making, and to support strategising, planning and execution of the full spectrum of SAF operations through the peace-war continuum.


A world class Military Intelligence Organisation with first class Intelligence professionals. Leveraging superior capabilities and technology to deliver knowledge advantage to MINDEF and SAF. Anchored on the SAF values as one Dominant and Indomitable MIO.


SAF C4 Command

The SAF C4 Command is responsible for the operation and defence of the SAF's C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) systems to support the full spectrum of operations. As a Cyber Defender in the Command, you will develop strong skills and competencies in the areas of cybersecurity monitoring; cyber incident response; vulnerability assessment and penetration testing; malware analysis and cyber forensics. As you progress in a rewarding career with the SAF C4 Command, you will have the opportunity to attain sponsorship for degree programmes, professional certifications, and develop your command & leadership skills, as a military professional.


The SAF C4 Command is to operate and safeguard the C4 capabilities for the SAF’s mission success across the full spectrum of operations


To be a Premier Command with Committed, Professional and Cohesive C4 Warriors.