SAF-ITE Sponsorship (EWOS / MDES)

Offering you a full sponsorship to study at an ITE, this scheme provides a monthly allowance ranging from $550 to $750.

Your Career Options

Your Career with Our Army Beyond ITE

Upon graduation, you will embark on a rewarding career and work towards becoming a Warrant Officer or Military Expert. As a Warrant Officer, you may choose either a Combat, Combat Support or Combat Service Support vocation. In addition to an exciting and varied life, you will enjoy numerous opportunities for personal and professional development throughout your career. You will be groomed for success, and turned into a world-class leader with decision-making skills highly valued by both your peers, and the men you lead.

As a Military Expert, you will embark on a path of deep specialisation in fields such as engineering, intelligence and medicine. You will be instrumental in advancing the operational and technological capabilities in your chosen domain. With a rewarding career up to age 60, you can expect many opportunities in operational roles alongside your Officer and Warrant Officer counterparts.

About the Scheme

What will I get?
  • Sponsored study in ITE, covering all tuition and compulsory fees*
  • Monthly allowance ranging from $550 to $750* *Applicants within the first 12 months of their studies are eligible for 100% sponsorship
Eligibility Criteria
  • Singapore citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship (Contract will only be offered upon confirmation of your citizenship)
  • Physically and medically fit
  • An existing ITE student, or have secured a place at an ITE
  • Possess a strong interest in a military career
Basic Conditions
  • Fulfil a 2-year bond (for 1-year course) or a 3-year bond (for 2-year course) after your studies

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