Force of choice


Guardsmen are proficient in heliborne and underslung operations, allowing them to rig cargoes and vehicles onto a hovering helicopter for rapid deployment of troops and equipment. They undergo rigorous physical and mental training, and work in highly coordinated teams to ensure that missions are executed seamlessly and effectively.

The ability to prevail in any terrain and react quickly in every situation is what sets the Guards formation apart. High-speed deployments from a helicopter are second nature to the Guardsmen, who are able to land swiftly using specialised techniques such as hover-jumping, heli-rappelling and fast-roping. To achieve such high standards and proficiency, the men are put through rigorous training before they are deemed worthy of adorning the 'Guards' shoulder tab and the khaki beret.

As part of Guards...

You will possess remarkable fighting capabilities that will enable you to meet any challenge and secure objectives at lightning speed. Armed with cutting-edge weaponry, you will engage in operations such as patrolling a mountain ridge in a Light Strike Vehicle (LSV), or heli-rappelling into a jungle to reinforce a defensive line. Your desire to innovate and upgrade yourself will allow you to remain nimble, competent and ahead of the pack.

The Guards in Action

Get a closer look into the formation. See our soldiers in action, and the exciting operations they engage in.

"Making the Cut" - Guards Conversion Course

Taking 15,000 quick steps in full battle order that weighs almost 30kg is anything but easy. This is just one of the key tasks every trainee must pass to go to the next level of training in this intensive and tough 3-week Guards Conversion Course. Making the Cut looks at 122 full-time national servicemen and regulars from various SAF units, coming together for a single purpose, to attain the coveted khaki beret and to be part of the Guards family.

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