Masters of Stealth


As the masters of stealth, the Commandos specialise in raids, reconnaissance and enemy interdiction via air, land and sea. Armed with tactical skills in weaponry, demolition, communication and medical aid, the Red Berets will succeed in all missions that others deem impossible.

Silent infiltrators of enemy territory, the Commandos specialise in airborne raids, helicopter assaults and sea landings. Armed with an arsenal of tactical skills, they can be counted upon to succeed in missions that others deem impossible. The unmatched stealth and combat fitness of the Commandos allows them to move fast, reach their targets undetected and strike hard. Only those who have proven themselves as elite warriors may have the pride of wearing the coveted red beret.

As part of Commandos...

You will be adept at living off the land, even in enemy territory, drawing on special tactics for reconnaissance, sabotage and survival. You will be cross-trained in a diverse set of skills, such as demolition, signals, support weapon-handling and medical aid. Your intense training and the challenging nature of your missions will turn you into an elite trooper. Here in the Commandos, your fortitude and adaptive ability will be put to the test.

The Commandos in Action

Get a closer look into the formation. See our soldiers in action, and the exciting operations they engage in.

The Elite Red Berets

They are an elite team of fighters - the SAF commandos, trained to infiltrate enemy territory. But behind their well toned bodies, lies months of training and hard work, both physically and mentally. In this video, Khai Yan talks to commando fighter CPL Dominic Nakamura, to learn about what it takes to be an elite fighter.

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