Swift and Decisive


Armour plays a crucial role in the SAF’s operations. With its combination of heavy guns, mobility and protection, Armour provides mobile firepower support during operations for the Army to punch through the enemy’s defence.

An unparalleled force of speed and steel, the Armour formation provides impregnable support for our land forces using devastating firepower and stunning shock effect. Despite packing a powerful punch, Armour demonstrates both flexibility and mobility, thanks to the savvy soldiers manoeuvring the tanks and advanced weaponry. This means that the units can be deployed at a moment's notice to effectively seize ground and punch through enemy defences.

As part of Armour...

You will be competent in handling sophisticated tanks and machines, including the upgraded Leopard tanks, ULTRA Armoured Personnel Carriers and the Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). Extensively trained and highly motivated, you will be a vital part of a force that is always at the forefront, paving the way for Our Army. In Armour, you will be the most important element in the synergy of men, machine and military might.

The Armour in Action

Get a closer look into the formation. See our soldiers in action, and the exciting operations they engage in.

Steel and Dust - 48 SAR Exercises in Germany

Catch the 48th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment, in action, as they train alongside the German Army.

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