Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

Digital Specialists serve in specialised digital roles to help meet the MINDEF/SAF’s ever-increasing AI and digitalisation needs. Their roles include data engineering, AI model experimentation and development, operational deployment of technologies, UX and UI design, and more.

Over the course of the 4-year scheme, DigiSpecs will have the opportunity to further develop their skills through vocational training, on-the-job training and academic training, preparing them to excel in careers in data science, software development and AI.

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)


DigiSpec Roles

NSFs who possess the relevant skills and aptitude will be selected to join the DigiSpec Vocation. They will serve in specialised digital roles during their 4 years of service. They will perform roles such as data engineering, AI model experimentation, development and evaluation, operational deployment of models, software engineering,
user experience and user interface design.

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

DigiSpec Award

All DigiSpecs will be conferred the DigiSpec Award. The award terms include competitive salary and benefits such as leave and medical coverage. Tuition fees for university studies within the time frame of the Work-Learn Scheme will also be covered.

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

Work-Learn Programme

DigiSpecs will have the opportunity to develop their skills through: (a) vocational training; (b) On-The-Job Training (OJT); and (c) academic training. Vocational training will equip them with vocational knowledge and skills that include how AI and digital solutions are applied in MINDEF/SAF's context. Following vocational training, they will be deployed to operational units for their OJT, where they will receive supervision and guidance to develop software and AI models as well as perform operational tasks.

For academic training, MINDEF/SAF has also partnered top local universities to offer an undergraduate Work-Learn Programme (WLP) for DigiSpecs to continuously upgrade their skills and competencies over the 4-year period.

The current degree programmes eligible for the WLP are: (1) NTU Computer Science, (2) NTU Computer Engineering, and (3) NTU Data Science and AI. For each year of the programme, DigiSpecs will alternate between studying (for one semester) and working for the remaining period. This will enable them to earn academic credits, which will contribute to the eventual completion of the degree. The work experience gained will also position them well for careers in the data science, software development and the AI industry.

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

All NS pre-enlistees are eligible to apply. Applicants are expected to possess baseline knowledge and have strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology.
You may register your interest by filling up the application form here.

Applicants are required to secure a place in an affiliated university's degree programme on their own merit.

The selection process will commence one year ahead of enlistment. Shortlisted applicants will be put through rigorous selection tests assessing their aptitude and digital skills. Prior experience and knowledge of programming, AI and software development will be useful. Successful applicants will be offered the DigiSpec Award before enlistment.

Interested pre-enlistees may apply for the Digital Work-Learn Scheme one year before enlistment.

Digital Specialist (DigiSpec)

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

Work-Learn Programmes (WLPs)

NTU Computer Science
NTU Computer Engineering
NTU Data Science and AI

Yes, you are still encouraged to apply for the DigiSpec Scheme. The online application is only an indication of interest to be considered for the scheme.

The DigiSpec WLP will adopt a semester-in/semester-out modality to give individuals a chance to apply what they have learnt in real operational scenarios.

You can apply to any university to continue your studies through their normal admission processes. DigiSpecs who have earned academic credits at NTU may be eligible for credit transfer to other universities. This is subject to the academic policy of the respective universities.

If you are interested in a MINDEF/SAF sponsorship for your remaining studies, you may wish to consider a career in MINDEF/SAF. There are other uniform options in digital-related vocations. You may click here for information about our other vocations.


The online application is only an indication of interest to be considered for the scheme. You will be scheduled to undergo selection tests to determine your eligibility. If found suitable for the award, you will be offered a contract before your enlistment. You can choose whether or not to accept the contract. However, once the contract has been signed, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

MINDEF/SAF will pay the tuition fees of the academic programme at NTU that you are studying for during the 4-year contract.

There is no bond period for DigiSpecs beyond this contract.

No extension is available under the Digital Work-Learn Scheme. Once the contract is in effect, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. DigiSpecs who are interested to continue serving in MINDEF/SAF may wish to consider a career in MINDEF/SAF. You may click here for more information about our digital vocations.

All servicemen, regardless of PES, will be eligible for selection to be DigiSpecs.

Deployment is based on MINDEF/SAF's operational requirements. You will be informed of your posting upon completion of BMT.

You may be required to perform shift work and stay in, depending on the unit's operational requirements.

You are required to pass the IPPT annually if you are eligible to take IPPT based on your medical status.
You will also need to meet BMI requirements.

As this application is only an indication of interest, all interested pre-enlistees should sign up for this scheme.
Your NS performance will be taken into considerations when applying for MINDEF/SAF scholarships.

Yes, you may apply for this scheme as this application is only an indication of interest. If found suitable for the award, you will be offered a contract before your enlistment. On your end, you should engage your scholarship award agency to clarify the terms and conditions of your bond.

You will continue to be enlisted according to standard enlistment procedures.

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