The DIS will defend and dominate in the digital domain.
As part of an integrated SAF, the DIS will enhance Singapore’s security, from peace to war.

We are the Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS).

We protect Singapore and our way of life in an interconnected and digital world.

We are vigilant against threats, hidden or otherwise.

We protect our networks and critical systems.

We empower a networked and integrated SAF.

When called upon, we defend and dominate in the digital domain, to deliver mission success.


We are the SAF’s fourth and newest Service.

We are historians, electrical engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, communicators, and leaders.

We continually master new technologies and our ever-evolving regional security. We collaborate, within the DIS, the SAF and the Whole of Government, and beyond, with industry and academia. We innovate to keep the SAF ready, for today’s and tomorrow’s threats. We foster a unique military culture. We are all professionals, and we invest in our people.

And we want you to join us.


The DIS provides accurate, relevant and timely intelligence for early warning, decision making, and to support the full spectrum of SAF operations.

The DIS builds the SAF’s digital core and advances digitalisation , from software engineering and artificial intelligence, to cloud technologies and mobile cellular communications.

The DIS defends the SAF’s digital domain, from cyber incident response and threat hunting, to electronic protection of our networks and sensors, to digital threats to our servicemen’s psychological defence.

The DIS dominates in the digital domain when the SAF is in battle, and is pivotal for SAF’s mission.