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Writing for POINTER

a. Contributors. POINTER accepts the contribution of journal articles, book reviews, letters and views by MINDEF/SAF personnel, including NSmen, of all ranks. POINTER can also publish contributions from students and faculty of local academic institutions, members of other Singapore Government Ministries and Statutory Boards as well as eminent foreign experts.

b. Word length. Each article should contain 2,000 to 4,000 words.

c. Topics. POINTER accepts contributions on the following topics:

  • Military strategy and tactics

  • SAF doctrinal development and concepts

  • Professionalism, values and leadership in the military

  • Military campaigns or history and their relevance to the SAF

  • Personal experiences in combat operations, peacekeeping operations or overseas training

  • Defence management, administration and organisational change

  • Regional geopolitics and strategic issues

  • Defence technology

d. Referencing. As with all serious professional publications, sources used and borrowed ideas in POINTER journal articles must be acknowledged, with endnotes and bibliography, to avoid plagiarism. The format of endnotes and bibliography can be found here. (hyperlink to another page)

e. Book Reviews. POINTER accepts reviews of books by readers. Each review should have 1,500-2,000 words.

f. Letters/Viewpoints. Letters discussing POINTER articles and those commenting on the journal itself are welcome. Similar to "Letters", it publishes short, sometimes excerpted, comments about articles by readers.

g. Honorariums. A published journal article may be awarded up to $400, a published book review may be awarded up to $120, whilst a published letter may be awarded up to $80, at the discretion of the Editorial Board. No honorarium will be awarded for comments published as "Viewpoints".

h. Diagrams/Illustrations. Contributors should ensure that all diagrams and illustrations are of suitable resolution for printing.

i. Author Biographies. Contributors should include a short biography and portrait photograph of themselves. An example of this can be found here.


1. Articles in POINTER main journal use endnotes.

2. References should be compiled, amalgamated and signally serially in the text of the article by superscripts. The references should be typed as endnotes. Each endnote must be complete the first time it is cited. Subsequent references to the same source may be abbreviated using, as appropriate, ibid., op.cit. or loc. cit.

3. For books, citations should give the author, the title of the book (italicised), the editor(s) or translator(s) (if applicable), city, publisher and date of publication and the appropriate page number(s) or volume and page number(s) if applicable.

4. For periodicals, citations should include the author's name, title of the article (in quotations), the title of the periodical (italicised), issue information (volume, issue number, date) and the relevant page number(s).

5. References should be typed in the form of the following examples:

1. Tim Huxley, Defending the Lion City: The Armed Forces of Singapore (St Leonard, Australia: Allen & Unwin, 2000), p4.

2. Peter Paret , "Clausewitz", in Peter Paret, Gordon A. Craig and Felix Gilbert (Eds) The Makers of Modern Strategy: From Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age (Oxford: Claredon Press, 1986), p187.

3. Ibid., p200.

4. Lim Choo Hoon, "The Battle of Pasir Panjang Revisited", POINTER Vol.28 No.1 (Jan-Mar 2002), pp17-18.

5. Tim Huxley, Insecurity in the ASEAN Region (London: RUSI, 1993), p8.

6. Huxley, Defending the Lion City, pp129-130.

7. Paret, "Clausewitz", p190.

6. Bibliography should be typed in the form of the following examples:

Huxley, Tim. Defending the Lion City: The Armed Forces of Singapore. (St Leonard, Australia: Allen & Unwin, 2000)

Paret, Peter. "Clausewitz". In Paret, Peter, Craig, Gordon A. and Gilbert, Felix (Eds) The Makers of Modern Strategy: From Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age (Oxford: Claredon Press, 1986).

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