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Operation Blue Sapphire - Reflections

by LTC Richard Lim

Ops Blue Sapphire (Maritime) 2009 was the first distant counter-piracy SLOC (sea lines of communications) security operations conducted by the SAF. Bringing together elements from all three Services, the 3-month in-theatre mission to the Gulf of Aden required significant preparations to integrate diverse components and called on the versatility, creativity and wide spectrum of skills of SAF personnel, which together ensured mission success.Throughout the mission time, no successful act of piracy occurred in the sectors assigned to the SAF Task Group, a testament to the vigilance and readiness of the deployed men and women. This essay will elaborate on the mission conducted by the SAF TG and reflect on its significance.


LTC Richard Lim is currently Head Project CAPSTONE Officer in Naval Plans Department. He is a Naval Offi cer by vocation. LTC Lim holds a Bachelor ofArts (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Master of Science in Sociology from the University of Oxford. Prior to his current appointment, LTC Lim was Deputy Commanding Officer, 191 SQN, during which he deployed as Commander Task Group for Ops Blue Sapphire (Maritime) in 2009, and subsequently as Deputy Commander, Combined Task Force 151 in 2010.

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