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Factsheet - International Guests for Island Forum 2006

The 15 international distinguished guests attending the Island Forum 2006 are leading figures in several sectors, including defence, business, entertainment, IT and academia.

Dr John Hagel III
Former Lead consultant for McKinsey and Co, USA

Dr. John Hagel III is a co-author with Dr John Seely Brown of ‘The Only Sustainable Edge’, and former lead consultant for McKinsey and Co. He was the founder and CEO of Sequioa Group, Inc., and later served as Senior Vice President in Strategic Planning for Atari, Inc. He is also a Forum Fellow for the World Economic Forum. He was named as one of the 25 Most Influential People in the electronics business by Business Week (1999), one of the 100 Most Influential People in the digital world by Upside, one of the 50 Most Powerful People in Networking by Network World (2002) and one of the Top 100 Business Gurus by Accenture (2003). He has published articles in a wide range of business publications, including Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, the McKinsey Quarterly and CIO Magazine. He received the McKinsey Award in 1999 and 2001 for the articles “Unbundling the Corporation” and “Your Next IT Strategy”, published in the Harvard Business Review.

Mr Nayan Chanda
Director of Publications, Yale Center for the Study of Globalisation

Mr. Nayan Chanda is former editor and Editor-at-Large of the Far Eastern Economic Review. He has been on the staff of the Review since 1974, assuming the editorship of the magazine in 1996. He was appointed to his current position in 2000. He has joined Yale's Center for the Study of Globalization on July 1 as Director of Publications. In 1974, Mr. Chanda was appointed Indochina Correspondent of the Review in Saigon. Following the fall of South Vietnam he moved his base of operations to Hong Kong, where the Review is headquartered. In 1980, Mr. Chanda was appointed as the magazine's Diplomatic Correspondent, then as Washington correspondent from 1984 to 1989. In 1989-90 Mr. Chanda was a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. Before returning to Hong Kong in 1992, he was editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly, published from New York. Mr. Chanda is the author of Brother Enemy: The War After the War (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986). He is also the co-author and contributor to ten other books on war, conflict, reconstruction, and foreign policy. A contributing editor to Foreign Policy, he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for International Development at Harvard University and of the Advisory Council for the Brookings Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies. He received the Shorenstein Award in 2005, which honours journalists who have helped American audiences understand the complexities of Asia.

Mr Ray Ozzie
Chief Technical Officer, Microsoft, USA

Mr. Ray Ozzie is the Chief Technical Officer of Microsoft and a leading thinker on ecosystems. He is an industry visionary and pioneer in computer-supported cooperative work. In his role at Microsoft, he has responsibility for influencing corporate communications and collaboration strategy, applications and platform infrastructure, and for helping drive Microsoft’s software-based services strategy and execution across all three of the company’s divisions.

Mr. Ozzie was the founder and president of Iris Associates Inc. There he created and led the initial development of Lotus Notes. Mr. Ozzie is also the founder of Groove Networks, a leading provider of collaboration software for the virtual office, which Microsoft acquired in 2005.

Mr Jeff Jonas
Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist, IBM Entity Analytics, USA

Mr. Jeff Jonas is Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist of IBM Entity Analytics. Mr. Jones was previously President and Chief Scientist of Systems Research and Development (SRD), an organisation he founded in 1983, and which was recently acquired by IBM. He provides the strategic architecture and design to deploy major innovations related to the development of information systems. Mr. Jonas developed the Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) technology that combs through messy and incomplete databases, looking for hidden identities and relationships, assisting in the war against terrorism. The casinos of Las Vegas are among the biggest users of NORA technology, though after September 11th, its value to defence and intelligence organizations became clear as well. Jonas’s innovations have received coverage in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fortune, and Computerworld.

Mr Stephen Koenig
Executive Director for Security and Special Projects, Bellagio, MGM-Mirage, USA

Mr. Stephen Koenig is the Vice President of Security for Bellagio Resorts. He was featured in Highlands Forum 23 in discussing ‘Risk in a Networked Environment.’ He is an expert on networks, human and technical areas, which bind Las Vegas together. He is also an excellent spokesperson to explain how the entire Las Vegas ‘ecosystem’ has come to exist. In 1996, Mr. Koenig was drafted to the project design team for the concept property that was to ultimately become Bellagio, the first Casino-Hotel in the world to attain the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award. In his current position, he maintains strong relationships with all of the MGM/ Mirage properties, as well as Gaming entities throughout the U.S. and overseas, Secret Service, FBI, ATF, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies.

Mr James A. Rasulo
Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, USA

Mr. James A. Rasulo, “Jay” is the Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He presides over a family vacation business that spans three continents and includes five world-class vacation destinations, a top-rated cruise line and the most popular resort location in North America, Europe and Asia. He is the architect of the long-term global growth strategy for Disney Parks and Resorts’ business, and oversees a broad range of businesses that help make Disney the leader in the vacation destination industry. The theme parks and resorts include the Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney Resort in Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney Resort Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. In addition, Mr. Rasulo is responsible for the Disney Cruise Line; Walt Disney Imagineering – the designers and builders of theme parks, attractions and other facilities and Disney regional Entertainment, comprising the ESPN Zone sports-theme restaurants.

Mr. Rasulo has been with the Walt Disney Company for 19 years, and was appointed president of Walt Disney Parks and Resort in 2002. In 2005, he became its chairman. He has a reputation of being a dedicated business leader and strategist, with good understanding of the cultural nuances of foreign markets. He was named chairman of the US Travel and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board in 2003. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the California Chamber of Commerce, as well as that of the French American Chamber of Commerce and Euro Disney SCA. He has a degree in economics from Columbia, and both an MA in economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Before joining Disney, he held positions with Chase Manhattan Bank and the Marriot Corporation.

Mr Graham Johnston
Chief of Defence Strategy, Global Government Industries, EDS Asia Pacific, Australia

Mr. Graham Johnston is the Chief of Defence Strategy, Global Government Industry for EDS, Asia Pacific. In this role, he helps defence departments enhance their operational effectiveness in critical areas such as command information, logistics support, back-office administration and secure infrastructure. Mr. Johnston brings a wealth of knowledge to his position, having amassed more than 35 years’ combined experience as a serving naval officer and as an expert in the defence and information technology industries. He is based in Canberra.

Mr S Gopalakrishnan
Chief Operating Officer/ Co-founder of Infosys, India

Mr. Gopalakrishnan is one of the founders of Infosys Technologies Limited. He plays a key role in defining the company strategy and in using technology and innovation continuously to maintain its leadership of the industry. Since April 2002, Mr. Gopalakrisnan has been the Chief Operating Officer. His responsibilities include Customer Services, Technology, Investments and Acquisitions. His initial responsibilities at Infosys included management of design, development, implementation and support of information systems for clients in the consumer products industry in the US. Between 1987 and 1994 he headed the technical operations of KSA/Infosys (a joint venture between Infosys and KSA at Atlanta, USA) as Vice President (Technical).

Mr. Gopalakrishnan is currently the Chairman of Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM), Kerala, and Vice Chairman of the Information Technology Education Standards Board (BITES) set up by the Government of Karnataka. He is on the board of directors of the National Internet Exchange of India. He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Karnataka Region. He is a member of ACM, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.

Mr Terry Pudas
Acting Director, Office of Force Transformation, Department of Defense, USA

Mr. Terry J. Pudas has served as the Deputy Director, Force Transformation since October 2001. As Deputy Director, he assisted the Director in his role as advocate, focal point, and catalyst for Department of Defense transformation. The Office of Force Transformation provides recommendations for linking the Departments transformation efforts to strategic functions, evaluates the transformation efforts of the Military Departments, and promotes synergy by recommending steps to integrate ongoing transformation activities. Other responsibilities of the office include monitoring Service and Joint experimentation programs and making policy recommendations to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense. He is a 1969 graduate of the University of Washington. In addition to his Bachelor of Science degree he holds a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College and a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University. He entered the Navy through the Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida in 1969 and was designated a naval aviator in May 1971, served in numerous fighter squadrons, graduated from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California and served as an exchange pilot with the German Navy. He commanded at both the squadron and wing level. He served as Air Officer on board USS MIDWAY (CV-41) deployed to the Persian Gulf and conducted operations in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Mr. Pudas retired from the Navy in September, 2001 with over 32 years of service after serving as the Deputy and Executive Assistant to the President of the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

Mr Stephen French
Director-General Equipment, Ministry of Defence, UK

Mr. Stephen French is the Director-General Equipment, UK MoD. He has held posts in a number of areas in the MoD, including posts in the UK Delegation to NATO, and as Private Secretary to the Chief of Defence Procurement. He spent three years at the British Embassy in Washington, in the post of Minister (Defence Materiel), where he was the senior civilian in BDS(W), responsible for all issues concerning US/UK defence equipment policy and support of the acquisition process. Currently as the Director-General Equipment he supports the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Equipment Capability (DCDS(EC)) in constructing and delivering the Equipment Plan. He is responsible for scrutinising the requirement and acting as Approval Authority for equipment projects, and is also the departmental lead on industrial and international collaborative policy. He has co-authored the Defence Industrial Strategy White Paper that defined the MoD’s relationship and approach to industry.

Mr Michel Petre
Marketing Development Director, Sales and Business Development Division, MBDA, France

Mr. Michel Petre is Market Development Director of the Sales & Business Development Division in the MBDA. He has long experience working for the French Ministry of Defence, which included holding the Directorships of Directorate for Forces, Systems and Prospective Analysis, and Systems Trial Directorate, before his current appointment.

Mr Gilman Louie
Partner, Alsop Louie Partners/ Former President and CEO of In-Q-Tel, USA

Mr. Gilman Louie is partner at Alsop Louie Partners, after relinquishing his appointment as President and CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm funded by the CIA to deliver new technologies to the CIA and intelligence community. In-Q-Tel’s mission is to identify and invest in cutting-edge technology solutions that serve U.S. national security interests. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint that defines the Agency's most pressing technology needs, In-Q-Tel connects with entrepreneurs, established companies, universities, researchers, and venture capitalists to develop technologies that pay out in superior intelligence capabilities.

In his role as its first president and chief executive officer, Gilman focused on refining and evolving In-Q-Tel’s innovative model, identifying and exploring exciting new developments in technology and recruiting and developing a leading team of technologists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and strategic visionaries that share a passion for In-Q-Tel’s mission. In the two decades that he spent in the technology industry, he has managed mergers and acquisitions, developed a range of financing arrangements leveraging venture capital and the public markets, and negotiated major licensing deals while remaining actively engaged in the design and development of award-winning products and technologies. He has established himself as an expert on the critical relationship between technology innovation and national security. Mr. Louie completed the Advanced Management Program/ International Seniors Management Program at Harvard Business School, and he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.

Prof MG (Ret) Isaac Ben-Israel
Professor, Tel-Aviv University/ Former Director MAFAT, Israel

Prof. MG (Ret.) Isaac Ben-Israel was born in Israel (Tel-Aviv), 1949. He studied Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University, receiving his Ph.D. in 1988. He has been teaching at Tel-Aviv University since 1989. He joined the Israel Air Force (IAF) after graduating high school (1967) and has served continuously ever since. Recently he retired (June, 30) and joined the University of Tel-Aviv as a professor.

During his service, Isaac Ben-Israel has held several posts in operations, intelligence and weapon development units of the IAF. He headed the IAF Operations Research Branch, Analysis and Assessment Division of IAF Intelligence, and was the Head of Military R&D in Israel Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense (1991-1997). In January 1998 he was promoted to Major General and appointed as Director of Defense R&D Directorate in IMOD.

Isaac Ben-Israel has received several awards, including the Israel Defense Award (1972, 2001) for developing weapon systems, and the Israel Air Force Award (1976) for developing a C4 system.

Currently Professor Ben-Israel is the head of Curiel Center and the head of the Security Studies Program in Tel-Aviv University, a Research Associate at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS), and the head of Tel-Aviv Workshop for Science Technology and Security. He also teaches at the Cohen Institute for the History & Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas. Isaac Ben-Israel had been a member of the board of directors of IAI (2000-2002), and currently he is a member of the Board of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, the advisory council of Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (at the Technion), the academic council of Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering, The National Committee for Information Society Technology and a member of the R&D advisory board of TEVA. In 2003 he founded RAY-TOP (Technology opportunities) Ltd. advising defense industry in technological and strategic issues.

Isaac Ben-Israel has written numerous papers on military and security issues. His book Dialogues on Science and Military Intelligence (1989) won the Itzhak-Sade Award for Military Literature. His book on The Philosophy of Military Intelligence had been published recently (1999) by the Broadcast University. Isaac is married to Inbal (née Marcus) and they have three sons: Yuval (1981), Roy (1984) and Alon (1988).

Richard O’ Neill
Director, The Highlands Group, USA

Richard P. O’Neill is President of The Highlands Group, a consulting and analysis network located in Bethesda, Maryland, with U.S. and international clients in both the public and private sector. He is an advisor to technology firms, think tanks, media, government agencies, and service providers in the identification of new technologies, ideas, opportunities and markets.

Mr. O’Neill created and continues to direct U. S. Secretary of Defense Highlands Forum, an internationally recognized network of leaders from industry, academia, government, the arts and the professions who share a lively interest in ideas beyond their fields. Themes and ideas emerging from Forum meetings have been particularly useful in supporting high-level government policy and strategy development, particularly focusing on information and information technologies and their impact on international relations, economics, and security. The Forum attracts internationally renowned leaders from a variety of fields, as well as the unknown creative leaders of tomorrow.

Previously Mr. O’Neill served in government, in his last position as Deputy for Strategy and Policy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. While there he conducted and supported research and authored new concepts leading to the development of policy, strategy, doctrine and training in the emerging field of information in conflict and competition.

Mr. O’Neill has provided briefings to the Presidential Commission on Diplomacy; to the Presidential Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection; to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board; to US and French government sponsored fora on technology issues; and to the American Bar Association. He has served as an advisor to the Hart-Rudman Commission on the Future of National Security; the Information Assurance Task Force of the Global Organized Crime Project and the Virtual Diplomacy Project, both at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He has also lectured at the Institute for World Politics, Harvard University, Georgetown University, Tufts University, National Defense University, Naval Postgraduate School, Foreign Service Institute, the Smithsonian, and the Secretary of State’s Open Forum.

Mr. O’Neill was born in New London, Connecticut, on September 5, 1947. He graduated from Holy Cross College in 1969, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He also holds Masters Degrees from Georgetown University, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Naval War College, where he was awarded the Middendorf prize for his advanced research project, “Toward a Methodology for Perception Management”. He has published journal articles on integrated strategy for information warfare, and on dichotic hearing, sensory overload, and decision making. He entered the United States Navy in 1969 and saw duty aboard combatant ships and fleet reconnaissance aircraft, as well as at a variety of stations around the world, retiring as a Captain.

Deborah O’ Neill
Associate, The Highlands Group, USA

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