Singapore Government
Posted: 16 Jun 2005, 1500 hours (GMT +8)

Update on Death of a Regular Serviceman

2SG Ong Jia Hui, a 24 year old regular Army specialist, was discovered missing at about 1740hrs on 15 Jun 05 while undergoing special operations training in the waters of Changi Naval Base. A safety diver, who was on standby as part of the safety precautions put in place for such training, was immediately activated. The diver found 2SG Ong at around 1745hrs. He was given immediate medical treatment at the Changi Naval Base medical centre before being evacuated to Changi General Hospital at about 1810hrs. He was pronounced dead at 1859hrs.

MINDEF and the Army extend their deepest condolences to the family of the late 2SG Ong Jia Hui, and will be assisting the family in their time of loss. MINDEF is investigating the incident.

Last updated on 20 Jun 2005