Factsheet - Island Forum II Guests

Island Forum II Overseas Guests

S/N  Overseas Delegates  Background  Country  Remarks 
Mr. Hugh White  Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Former Deputy Secretary for Strategy, Australian DoD)  Australia   
Professor Paul Dibb  Head, Strategic and Defense Studies Centre, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University (Former Deputy Secretary for Strategic Policy and Intelligence, Australian DoD)  Australia   
Mr. Nayan Chanda  Director of Publications, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization  India   
Prof. MG (Rtd) Isaac Ben-Israel  Professor, Tel-Aviv University  Israel  Attended Island Forum I 
LTG Johan Kihl  Chief of Staff, Supreme Commander's HQ, Swedish Armed Forces  Sweden  Attended Island Forum I 
Mr. Nik Gowing  Presenter, BBC World  UK   
Commodore (Rtd) Patrick Tyrell  Director, TyrrellSmith. (Director General, Defence Training and Education, UK MoD)  UK   
Air Vice Marshal Stephen Dalton  Capability Manager for Information Superiority, UK MoD  UK   
Admiral (Rtd) William Owens  CEO and Chairman, Teledesic, LLC., and Senior Advisor, AEA Investors LLC. (Former U.S. Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)  USA   
10  Dr. Edward Smith  Senior Analyst for Network Centric and Effects-based Operations, Boeing  USA   
11  Mr. Jeff Jonas  Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Systems Research and Development, Inc (SRD)  USA   
12  Mr. Karl Lowe  Director Joint Advanced Warfighting Program, JFCOM  USA   
13  RADM (Rtd) John Poindexter  Former National Security Advisor and former Director, DARPA Information Awareness Office  USA   
14  Mr. John Rendon  President, The Rendon Group  USA   
15  Dr. Linton Wells II  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration, U.S. DoD  USA  Attended Island Forum I 
16  Mr. Peter Schwartz  Chairman, Global Business Network  USA  Attended Island Forum I 

Island Forum II Local Guests

S/N MINDEF Delegates Appointment Remarks 
17 Mr Peter Ho Hak Ean Permanent Secretary(Defence) Co-host 
18 MG Ng Yat Chung Chief of Defence Force Co-host 
19 Dr. Tan Kim Siew 2nd Permanent Secretary  
20 Mr. Lam Chuan Leong 2nd Permanent Secretary (SP), MOF/ Special Advisor, MINDEF  
21 Prof Lui Pao Chuen Chief Defence Scientist  
22 MG Lim Kim Choon Chief of Air Force  
23 RADM (NS) Richard Lim Cherng Yih Director, TyrrellSmith. Chief Executive Defence Science and Technology Agency/ Deputy Secretary(Technology)  
24 BG Choi Shing Kwok Director Security & Intelligence Division  
25 Mrs Chua Siew San Deputy Secretary(Policy)  
26 MG Desmond Kuek Chief of Army  
27 RADM Ronnie Tay Chief of Navy  
28 Mr Lim Hup Seng Deputy Secretary (Administration)  
29 BG Jimmy Khoo Future Systems Architect  
30 BG Chee Wee Kiong Dir. Joint Operations & Planning Directorate/ Chief Of Staff-Air Staff  
31 BG Tay Lim Heng Dir. Joint Intelligence Directorate  
32 Mr Quek Tong Boon Chief Executive Officer DSO National Laboratories  

S/N  External Delegates  Appointment 
33  MG (Rtd) Goh Yong Siang  Former Chief of Air Force 
34  Mr Barry Desker  Director Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies NTU 
35  Mr Tan Pheng Hock  President & CEO, ST Engg 
36  Mr Peter Seah  Chairman - ST Engg 
37  Dr. Ismail Sudderuddin  Director National Resilience, MITA 
38  Dr Kumar Ramakrishna  Assistant Professor, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies 

Last updated on 24 May 2015