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What is Total Defence
Total Defence Logo
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5 Pillars
Total Defence Logo
Total Defence Logo
The five arrows in the logo represent the five aspects of Total Defence: Military, Civil, Economic, Social and Psychological Defence.

The arrows point in the same upward direction. This signifies concerted effort towards a common objective of safeguarding the progress and future of Singapore.

The logo's outline is significant because:

It is, firstly, the outline of a hand, symbolising action and representing unity and completeness. Total Defence is deficient if any of the five "fingers" is missing.

Secondly, the logo is in the shape of a house, and symbolises Singapore as our homeland. With Total Defence, the security of our homeland is therefore safeguarded.

The tagline "It's personal. Play your part." in its handwritten format emphasises the personal nature of and involvement in Total Defence, reminding Singaporeans that they have a part to play in the defence of Singapore. The rounder edges of the logo give it a softer feel, reflecting the personal stake in Total Defence and encouraging Singaporeans to embrace Total Defence in their daily lives.

The crescent and five stars, and the colours of red and white, are elements from the National Flag. They represent nationhood. Total Defence brings Singaporeans together as one people.

Taken as a whole, the logo symbolises all Singaporeans doing what they can in Total Defence to ensure peace and security for the future.

Total Defence Icons
Total Defence Icons

To help Singaporeans understand how we are using Total Defence as a framework to deal with national challenges and to illustrate the different ways they can participate in Total Defence, Nexus worked with student-designer, Ms Wong May Ching from the Temasek Design School, Temasek Polytechnic in 2005 to develop a set of five different Total Defence Icons, each to represent one aspect of Total Defence.

The icons for each aspect of Total Defence will serve as visual cues to “brand” materials developed/activities organised for each aspect of Total Defence. The icons will help the public identify which aspect of Total Defence, a message or activity is emphasising (e.g. Social Defence icons for a Racial Harmony Day activity).

* CI Guide More details on Logo Colours and Their Usage. 1727kb 20.07.2010
Last updated on 19 Jan 2015
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