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Major Milestones in the Build-up of SAFTI MI

Presentation of SAFTI Colours by then-Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew to recognize SAFTI’s progress and significant role in training SAF Military leaders. (16 Jun 1968)

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REMEMBERING LEE KUAN YEW - Lee Kuan Yew became Singapore's first prime minister at the age of 35, and was the longest serving prime minister of his time, but most will remember him as the founder of the nation.

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REMEMBERING LEE KUAN YEW (1923 - 2015) - The public can express their condolences amd share their memories of the late Mr Lee at the official website. Read more >>>

45th GKS CSC Anniversary (28 Feb 2015)
45th GKS CSC Anniversary (28 Feb 2015)

GKS CSC celebrated its 45th birthday on 28th February 2015. To commemorate the occasion, the 46th CSC organised a cohesion event for the staff of GKS CSC, the 46th CSC students, as well as their families, at SAFTI MI. Read more >>>

DSP - Ms Teoh Ai Lin (Director, Legal Services) (27 Feb 2015)
DSP - Ms Teoh Ai Lin (Director, Legal Services) (27 Feb 2015)

GKS CSC was honoured and privileged to have Ms Teoh Ai Lin, Director, Legal Services give a talk on 27th February 2015 during the Distinguished Speakers’ Programme (DSP). It was attended by students of the 46th CSC, 4th & 5thCSC (Executive), 16th CSC (NS) and Directing Staff from the college. Read more >>>


30 Apr 2015

SAFTI MI Workplan Seminar

27 Mar 2015

22/14 Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade

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View Point : Singapore's separation from Malaysia: the politics of disengagement
View Point : Singapore's separation from Malaysia: the politics of disengagement

Date: Thu 5 Mar 2015

Time: 3pm
SAS Auditorium, SAFTI Military Institute
A/P Albert Lau

The talk will examine a defining moment in Singapore’s history: the island’s separation from the Malaysian federation in August 1965.  What were the circumstances that propelled Singapore to ‘merge’ with Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak to form the federation of Malaysia in September 1963 and why was it necessary for the island state to ‘separate’ after only 23 months?  Read more >>> 


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Pointer Journal Vol.40 No. 4
Pointer Journal Vol.40 No. 4

We mark the end of 2014 with the final issue of the year, POINTER, Vol 40, No. 4. As we wind down to the end of the year, we reflect on the many and varied events which have taken place, both globally and closer back home and the impact that they have. Examples are the deaths brought about by the Ebola virus epidemic, the on-going unrest from the conflicts caused by the establishment of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (also known as the ISIS or ISIL), the annexation of Crimea, and the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine, just to name a few. All these drive home the important message that Singapore should not take its peace and security for granted but continue to strive to develop and grow to remain strong and independent. As we look forward to our 50thanniversary next year, we can celebrate how far Singapore has come and the achievements we have attained as a people. At the same time, we can also look forward and ahead to what we should change and adapt for a better future. Read more >>>

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