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The Early Years
Commandos Emblem
Commandos Emblem
When LTC (Ret) Clarence Tan and LTC (Ret) James Chia were put in charge of the recruitment of Commandos in 1967, the idea of forming a regular company of handpicked troops was but in its infancy. A group of 10 regular Officers and 20 other ranks then came together under the name of Regular Battalion on 1 Dec 1969. It was housed at the corner of SATI where the then SISL (now SISPEC) occupied.

As the unit grew in size, it became obvious that it was a matter of time before a larger premise was necessary. This shift was effected on 16th July 1971 when the SAF Commando Unit moved to Changi Camp and was renamed 1st Commando Battalion (1 Cdo Bn).

With a growing strength and a need for a better identity, they were renamed the SAF Commando Unit. This was also the year when SAF changed the standard head-dress from jungle-hats to berets. Since the red beret is universally symbolic worldwide of elite airborne troops it was selected as the head-dress for the SAF Commandos.


The enlistment of the first batch of National Service C ce. They pressed on and to date, the SAF Commandos comprise an active Battalion, a NS Battalion, a School of Commando and a Command Headquarters.


On 22 Jan 1977, the Commandos received the State as well as the 1 Commando Battalion Regimental Colours.


1981 saw the inception of the Headquarters School of Commando Training (SOCT), the adoption of the winged bayonet emblem and the motto 'For Honour and Glory'.

A Stiletto, a double-edged killing knife with sharp point, made famous by British Commandos during WWII, was also presented with the red berets. SAF Commandos from 2 Company were the first Singapore Armed Forces' Commandos to be presented with the Stiletto, in 1986.


On 20 Oct 1991, the HQ Commando Regimental Colours were received, and it marked the epitome of skills, strength and efficiency of the Commando Formation.
Home of the Commandos
Home of the Commandos

Hendon Camp, home of the Commandos was officially inaugurated on 27 Jun 1993 by the then Chief of Defence Force, LG Ng Jui Ping. The opening of the camp was a grand affair, signifying the coming of age of an elite formation.
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