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9th Division Artillery
9th Division Artillery

Established on 1 October 1978, 9th Division Artillery (9 DA) was initially administered by Artillery Reserve Admin Unit III (ARAU III) in Headquarters Singapore Artillery (HQ SA). However, on 13 January 1992, as part of the Combined Arms Division reorganisation, 9 DA was officially transferred from HQ SA to 9th Singapore Division (9 Div).

The unit's main role is to plan and co-ordinate responsive and precise fire support for the Division. Since then, 9 DA has participated in numerous exercises that continuously attest to the unit's operational readiness.
9 Divisional Support Command
9 Divisional Support Command

HQ 9A Divisional Support Command (9A DISCOM) was formed on 1 October 1978 as a Reservist Logistic unit to support 9th Singapore Division (9 Div). Located at the Selarang Barracks, the Supply, Medical, and Maintenance Battalions were then set up on 1 December 1987, 1 February 1979 and 1 October 1978 respectively. The present 9 DISCOM as well as its three battalions was subsequently formed on 2 May 1988 to replace 9A DISCOM.

Over the years, the operational capabilities of 9 DISCOM was tried and tested repeatedly through a series of large scale exercises and mobilisations that she participated in. The unit's Medical Battalion was also awarded "Best NS Combat Service Support Unit" in work year 1994/1995.
10th Singapore Infantry Brigade
10th Singapore Infantry Brigade

10th Singapore Infantry Brigade (10 SIB) was formed on 1 April 1981 to replace 40th Singapore Infantry Brigade (40 SIB). The unit was located at Loewen Camp (the present SAF Soldiers' Performance Centre). On February 1984, it was shifted to Seletar East Camp and subsequently to Selarang Camp. In 2001, 10 SIB shifted to Pasir Ris Camp.

The operational readiness of the Brigade was given a further boost when she received her first NS Brigade Reconnaissance Company on 15 July 1992. Under the Army restructured division concept, 2 active Infantry Battalions, namely 3rd Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment (3 SIR) and 6th Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment (6 SIR), came under the command of HQ 10 SIB on 1 January 1995. Notable achievements by 10 SIB's sub-units were 3 SIR being the first Battalion to achieve ATEC REDCON 1 in work year 1995/1996 and 3 SIR achieving Best Infantry Unit followed by Best Combat Unit from work year 1996/1997 to 1997/1998.
12th Singapore Infantry Brigade
12th Singapore Infantry Brigade

12th Singapore Infantry Brigade (12 SIB) was formed on 1 December 1982. The unit was initially located at Loewen Road Camp. Subsequently, it shifted to Selarang Camp before finally moving to Mandai Camp II on 1 June 1989. In 1985, the Brigade participated in her first overseas exercise in Brunei.
56th Singapore Armor Brigade
56th Singapore Armor Brigade

Before June 1989, 56 SAB was known as Seletar Armour Storage Deport (ASD), a sub-unit of Reserve Armour Training Centre (RATC). However it was abolished after the establishment of 9 Div Armour Detachment on 1st July 1989.The camp was however still in Seletar Camp. Its maiden commander was LTC Lye Chee Kong. Then on 1st July 1991, 56 SAB was formed. It was later shifted to Selerang Camp on 1st Oct 1992.

During Jan 92 - Sep 92, it took over units such as 415 SAR,426 SAR, 431 SAR and 432 SAR. On 29 Dec 1993, 56 SAB logo was officially inaugurated by BG Sin Boon Wah. Apr 96 saw the 1st oceania Ex-Wallaby been conducted at Shaolwater Bay in Australia. The stand down of 415 SAR on Apr 92 and 426 SAR on Sep 2000 saw the forming of 2 new units : 465 SAR on Mar 94 and 433 SAR on May 97.
9th Signal Battalion
9th Signal Battalion

9th October 1978 marked the official formation of 9th Signal Battalion (9 Sig) at Slim Barracks. Then, 9 Sig was formed to undertake the responsibility of the proficiency training of the Division's Signal Reservists. This responsibility was later transferred to the Reserve Signal Training Centre. In 1985, MAJ (NS) Tan Keng Hiang was appointed as 9 Sig's Commanding Officer.

This marked a milestone in SAF's history, as it was the first time a Reservist Officer was appointed as Commanding Officer of a Reserve Signal Battalion. In 1987, 9 Sig shifted from Slim Barracks to Selarang Barracks in order to co-locate with 9th Singapore Division (9 Div).Another milestone was achieved in 1990 when 9 Sig transited from point to point Radio Relay System to Division Trunk Communication System (DTCS). 9 Sig operationlised the DTCS when the unit successfully supported 9 Div during an exercise that same year.Since its formation, 9 Sig has consistently performed very well in all exercises and her remarkable contributions to 9 Div in providing quality communications was commended by the then Division Commander, BG Lim Chuan Poh in 1999.
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