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9th Division/Infantry
9th Singapore Division had humble beginnings as a 'Reserves' Division on 1 Oct 1978. Through the years, we grew in strength and numbers, and became a Combined Arms Division on 31 March 1992 as part of the restructuring of the Army. On 1 Jan 1995, 9 Div stood equal with all other Divisions as part of the overall SAF reorganisation, comprising both active and NSmen. On 15 Jan 1980, the Army set up Headquarters Infantry to assume the role of Senior Specialist Staff Officer (SSSO) HQ for all Infantry doctrinal and training matters up to battalion level. HQ Infantry has evolved to become the beacon for the Infantry, focussing on the development and evaluation of doctrine, capability development as well as formulation of curriculum for all Infantry training and courses in the SAF.

17th August 2004 marked the inaugural merger between the 9th Singapore Division and HQ Infantry to form 9th Singapore Division/Infantry. We envision ourselves to become a respected Formation capable of accomplishing the mission without compromise, emphasising on people, values and delivering a positive experience to all. We seek to become an operational Combined Arms Division that fights and wins decisively in a wide spectrum of operations in order to safeguard out nation's interests and sovereignty.
9th Division/Infantry
As the authority in Infantry matters, we seek to develop effective doctrines, conduct quality operational and leadership training and deliver cutting edge capabilities to ensure the success of Infantry units in battle. In the transformation to a 3rd Generation Army, we have also been given the honour of becoming the Army's lead agent in the experimentation and development of Urban Operations (UO) doctrine and equipment, integrating technology and training to enhance our modern warfare competence.
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