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The 6th Singapore Division
The 6th Singapore Division
6th Singapore Division (6 Div) is an operationally ready front-line formation. It is a Combined Arms Division comprising active and NS units. 6 Div distinguishes itself in its emphasis on achieving high training standards. Resources and efforts are focused to ensure that servicemen at all levels, in particular our commanders, are receiving the correct training.
As part of the reorganisation of the divisions, 6 Div was reorganised into an integrated operationally
ready divisions comprising both active and NS units. The NSmen in 6 Div proved that they can be on par with their active counterparts in fitness, combat skills and tactics, as they now train and operate together with Full-time National Servicemen and regulars as one effective force.
The 6th Singapore Division
The concept of a Division Family System was also implemented. National Service has now become a continuous process as the soldiers who complete their NSF training may be transferred into an NS Brigade within the same Division. The system not only provides continuity in training, but also promotes a greater sense of identity and esprit de corps within each Division. On 3 Apr 2000, HQ 6 Div moved to its new location in Nee Soon Camp. This move brings HQ 6 Div closer to its sub-units.
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