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Exercise Panzer Strike 2009
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1 SIR Milestone Parade
Posted: 05 Sep 2014, 1500 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

Story by Army News

Photography by Army News


During any parade, family members and friends instinctively stand up and crowd to the front to get the best possible view of their personal heroes of the day. It was no different on 21 August. "The proud men of 1 SIR were responsible for the real-time security of our key installations in Singapore," introduced LTC Justiin Ang, Commanding Officer 1st Singapore Infantry Regiment (1 SIR), as the soldiers of the 15th Mono Intake proudly conducted their milestone parade. Also present at the parade was witnessing officer, Brigade Commander 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade (2 SIB), COL David Neo, accompanied by Brigade Sergeant Major 2 SIB, MWO Ng Puay Hng.

"I am amazed that my son managed to make it through NS. We are very proud of him," shared Mrs. Jacqueline Dorall Yeo, who attended the parade with her husband, Mr. Eric Yeo, to support their son CPL James. Mr. Yeo noticed a great change in his son too. "James grew to be a confident and disciplined man and he definitely picked up a lot of like skills in the army. I think he is ready to protect our country."

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The opening of Murai Urban Live Firing Facility (MULFAC)
The opening of Murai Urban Live Firing Facility (MULFAC)


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A Chapter Closes: 3GDS' 15th Mono-Intake 'ORDs'!
Posted: 26 Sep 2013, 1836 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

Story by Edmund Twohill 

Photos by Army News and 3 GDS

The 23rd of August2013 marked a very special day for the Commanders and Men of 3rd Battalion Singapore Guards 15th Mono In-take (III.XV) – It wasIII.XV's Family Carnival and NS Milestone Parade.   This was an opportunity for the soldiers ofIII.XV to celebrate the successful completion of their active NS cycle with their families. The Family Carnival took the form of an NS Journey Exhibit to showcase the experience of the unit over the past two years while the NSMilestone Parade consisted of a traditional "ORD Parade" that also featured the Assumption of Command by the NS Key Appointment Holders, to emphasise the continuity of NS beyond the active cycle.

The NS Journey Exhibit was aseries of photo and video exhibits that depicted the achievements and experiences of the soldiers over the past two years. The servicemen brought their families and friends on their NS journey through a series of static andinteractive displays that incorporated two main themes, namely, "Becoming a Guardsmen" and "Becoming Operationally Ready". The first segment of "Becoming a Guardsmen" showcased their journey from BMT through the Guards Advanced Infantry Training (GAIT).  Besides the sights and sounds of the photosand videos, there were combat ration tasting, camouflage-painting stations, as well as weapons/combat equipment display. These stations gave opportunities to the servicemen to explain andre-live the challenges they first experienced when they entered National Service and the memories they had onto attaining their coveted Guards tab and Khaki beret.

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