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Army Recruitment Centre

Our Army offers a wide range of exciting and challenging jobs for those seeking a fufilling career. Find out more by visiting the Army Recruitment Centre website now! (requires Macromedia Flash plugin to view in browser, opens in a new window)

Here is what the website will offer you:

Faces of Steel

Our servicemen share the experiences their careers in the Army have brought them.


Study Awards

Army Careers

Check out the different vocations you can pursue in the full spectrum force. Find out about the different career schemes and scholarship/study awards available:

Officers | Warrant Officers | DXO-EAs

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Inside the Army

Life in Our Army

In this segment, learn about the training a recruit goes through from BMT to SISPEC or OCS, and find out the diverse skills you can develop during your time with the Army. Your Army training also equips you with skills transferable to other careers outside the Army.

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