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NDP 2012: Loving Singapore, Our Home
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Posted: 15 May 2012, 1400 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

Written by: Bjorn Teo

Photos by: Matthew Tan

NDP 2012 Logo, the "Orchidstar".
NDP 2012 Logo, the "Orchidstar".


Col Tan at The Float where NDP 2012 will be held for the fifth time
Col Tan at The Float where NDP 2012 will be held for the fifth time

"Loving Singapore, Our Home", the theme of National Day Parade (NDP) 2012, was revealed by Chairman of the NDP 2012 Executive Committee (EXCO) and Chief Guards Officer (CGO), COL Desmond Tan. Commemorating Singapore's 47th birthday, this NDP will be the fifth year the parade is being held at The Float @ Marina Bay. The theme encourages all Singaporeans to reflect on what it means to love our country and how they can express their love for the nation. COL Tan said, "Through our various engagement activities as well as the Parade on 9 August, we hope that Singaporeans will be able to rediscover and express what they love about Singapore, our country we call 'Home'."

In line with the theme, NDP 2012 will bring back many popular displays such as the Combined School Choir, last seen in NDP 2010. The Best Secondary School Display Band from the Singapore Youth Festival, something last featured in NDP 2006, will perform at The Float for the first time this year. The Show segment will also re-introduce the "mass-display" format of past NDPs - something that will bring back fond memories for many.

Crowd favourites, such as the Red Lions Freefall Display, the marching contingents and the flag fly-past will continue to enthral the spectators at NDP 2012.

What's New

The new attractions include a Salute to 45 years of National Service (NS45), where Parade contingents will execute the "Advance-in-Review Order" manoeuvre in which over 2,000 parade members will march in unison, assets from the Republic of Singapore Navy will perform a Sea Salute, and nine fighter jets from the Republic of Singapore Air Force will execute the Enhanced Aerial Flypast. The flypast is the largest NDP aerial display to date.

In a twist on a pre-existing segment in the show, the "Onward March", first executed by uniformed personnel last NDP, will be carried out by students from uniformed groups this year. "Majulah Moment", another highlight in 2011, will also include the participation of NSmen this year to commemorate NS45.

New Media

Through various new media platforms, Singaporeans, at home and overseas, will be able to keep themselves updated with the latest news on NDP 2012.

One main channel is the official NDP 2012 website ( launched on 25 April. Users can view behind-the-scenes video footages of NDP preparations as Singapore gears up for 9 August. They will also be able to share their posts on this website.

The LovingSG website ( serves as a portal that links all NDP 2012-related social media channels, like the NDPeeps Facebook Page (, NDP twitter feeds, Youtube videos and Flickr pages into a single website. It also aims to gather Singaporeans' expressions on what they love best about Singapore.

Other initiatives include the "NDPOnTheGo" Mobile Application, which delivers bite-sized information on NDP 2012, and the PhotoVivo Online Competition and InstagramSG Photo Competition. The photo competitions encourage Singaporeans to express this year's NDP theme through pictures and post them on the official NDP 2012 website.


The NDP 2012 Logo, the "Orchidstar", expresses this year's NDP theme through various elements. Inspired by Singapore's national flower, the "Vanda Miss Joaquim" orchid, the logo's vibrant colours reflect the vitality and diversity of our people. The red heart symbolises our love for our people and nation and reminds us of the importance of a harmonious and inclusive society. The number '47' visible in the lip of the "Orchidstar" highlights our nation's 47th birthday. Overall, the design is reminiscent of a star, and together with the child-like script (depicting the theme), represents our hopes and dreams through the generations.

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Last updated on 15 May 2012
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