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Convenience at SAFRA's LifeStyleMart!
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Posted: 22 Apr 2010, 0800 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)
SAFRA's LifeStyleMart offers a offers a wide selection of equipment and apparel
SAFRA's LifeStyleMart offers a offers a wide selection of equipment and apparel

Need to replace your Personal Equipment (PE) and hate the hassle of travelling all the way to your camp's eMart? The new LifeStylemart at SAFRA Mount Faber Clubhouse may just be your solution!

Located on the second level of the clubhouse, the LifeStylemart comprises of two sectors - SAF's eMart and commercial retail with a cafe. While the SAF's eMart sector sells a range of PE items for servicemen from all three services, patrons can also purchase a wide variety of lifestyle products such as fashion apparels, fashion bags, accessories, military figurines and souvenirs. Speaking on how the Lifestylemart will bring value and convenience to SAF personnel, COL Lam Sheau Kai, Chief Supply Officer who was also part of the core group responsible for setting up of the LifeStylemart said, "As the LifeStylemart is located outside camp and operates everyday including weekends, it allows greater flexibility and accessibility for servicemen to purchase and replace their PE items. This allows them to remain well equipped, hence maintaining a high level of operational readiness. With this emphasis and the convenience of being equipped, it will also enhance the servicemen's commitment to defence."

Indeed, NSmen like CPL (NS) Henry Wong, Signaller from 650th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment had nothing but praise when they visited the LifeStylemart. He commended, "It is very convenient for me since the LifeStylemart is still open after office hours and even on weekends. I do not have to rush to my camp during the lunch hours just to get my PE items any more. In addition, it is like a one-stop place for everything. For example, as an NSman, I can get my powder and torch batteries without having to visit other shops since the eMarts in camps do not sell them. I can also bring my family members and friends along with me since the LifeStylemart also sells ladies apparels, Oakley sunglasses and Lumi Nox Swiss watches!"

Operating Hours
Mondays to Fridays - 1100hrs to 2100hrs
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - 0900 hrs to 2100 hrs

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Last updated on 23 Apr 2010
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