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Organisation Structure

Our Army's Organisation Structure
Key Appointment Holders

Chief of Army Office
Chief of Army BG Perry Lim
Chief of Staff - General Staff BG Lim Hock Yu
Sergeant Major Army CWO Tang Peck Oon
General Staff 
ACGS (Personnel)  COL Alfred Fox
ACGS (Intelligence)  COL Ang Soon Leong Nicholas
ACGS (Operations)  BG Chan Wing Kai
COMD CSSCOM  BG Tan Peng Kuan 
ACGS (Plans)  COL Tan Ken-Li Mark
ACGS (Training)  COL Ng Ying Thong
Head Army Safety Inspectorate  COL Lam Pei Sien 
Head NS Affairs Department  COL Chua Boon Keat
Head Army Information Centre  SLTC Cheak Seck Fai
Chief Systems Integration Officer  COL Alex Tan 
Chief Army Intelligence Officer
COL Kuan Meng Yin
Army Formations
Commander, TRADOC BG Lim Hock Yu
Commander, 3rd Division COL Ong Tze-Ch'in
Commander, 6th Division COL Wong Yu Han
Commander, 9th Division/Chief Infantry Officer COL Chiang Hock Woon
Commander, 2nd People's Defence Force COL Terry Siow
Chief Guards Officer BG Desmond Tan Kok Ming
Chief Armour Officer BG Siew Kum Wong
Chief Artillery Officer COL Lawrence Lim
Chief Engineer Officer COL Tan Pek Tong
Chief Signal Officer COL Percival Goh
Chief Commando Officer COL Simon Lim
Chief Supply Officer COL Tan Kan Whye
Chief Army Medical Officer SLTC (DR) Poon Beng Hoong
Chief Transport Officer SLTC Tay Yong Meng
Chief Maintenance & Engineering Officer ME7 Ng Chan Cheok
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Last updated on 07 Apr 2014
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