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Our Mission
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Our Mission

Our Army is to deter aggression, and should deterrence fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory. Our Army is to be ready and capable of conducting a spectrum of operations to defend the security interests and sovereignty of Singapore.

Our Vision
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Our Army - Ready, Decisive, Respected.

Our Army is the bedrock of our nation's defence.  We draw our strength from our Regulars, NSFs and Operationally Ready NSmen.  We thrive on the support of our Families, Employers and fellow Singaporeans. 

Ready in peace, we are capable of a full spectrum of operations.

Decisive in war, we will fight and win to defend our country.  

Respected by all, our Army is a trusted national institution. We forge the fighting spirit of our people to secure our future and protect our way of life.

The SAF Pledge
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We, Members of the Singapore Armed Forces, do solemnly and sincerely pledge that: We will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and the Republic of Singapore; We will always support and defend the Constitution; We will preserve and protect the honour and independence of our country with our lives.
8 Core Values
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  • Loyalty to Country
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Professionalism
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Ethics
  • Care for Soldiers 
  • Safety
The Army Occupational Health & Safety Policy
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Operations in the Army are inherently demanding, challenging and complex involving a relatively high level of risk. Commanders are thus responsible to professionally conduct tough, realistic and safe training in order to fulfil the Army’s mission. 

Our Army is committed to Our People by ensuring that Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is accorded with priority without compromising our operational readiness.

Hence, our Army is committed to complying with applicable legislation, regulation, GOMs, other legal requirements, to which the Army subscribes, that relates to its OH & S hazards.

1. Address all significant hazards (risk assessment of High & above) identified in our workplace and activities.

2. Remove if not reduce safety and health risks identified. 

3. Make continual improvement to our OHS management and performance.

4. Achieve mission success with no loss of lives or injuries through negligence.

The strength of Our Army’s OHS system is as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, every individual must value its importance and be responsible to make our operations, training and workplace a safe and healthy one.

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