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Enlistment Process
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Enlistment is the process you go through when you report for full-time National Service.

Enlistment Notice

You will be notified of your enlistment date and assigned unit through an Enlistment Notice about 2 months prior to your enlistment.

The Enlistment Notice will provide you with information about your unit, as well as the date and time for your parents to visit you. Accompanying the Enlistment Notice, will be a letter from your assigned unit, informing you of the enlistment procedures. A route map will be attached to the notice to help you locate the unit.

Enlistment Day

On the day of your enlistment, there will be an oath-taking ceremony. As this is a solemn formality, you are required to be properly dressed with proper shoes. Please do not attend the ceremony in singlets, shorts/bermudas and slippers.

The enlistment process will be as follows:
  • Your SAF Card and Identity Discs will be issued to you in exchange for your National Service Registration Identity Card.
  • You will be issued with a gift bag.
  • You will be ushered to the oath taking area whereby your parents will be able to witness the mass oath taking ceremony. Thereafter, You will be given some time to bid farewell to your parents and loved ones before heading to your assigned unit.

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You may also find more information about enlistment matters on the CMPB website.

SAF identity card
SAF identity card
Oath-taking ceremony
Oath-taking ceremony
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BMT haircut
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