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Basic Military Training (BMT)
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Basic Military Training
Basic Military Training (BMT) marks the beginning of military life for all Singaporean males at the age of 18. It is the transition from fresh-faced teenager to combat-ready fit soldier.

They learn basic soldiering skills, which include weapon handling, individual field craft, bayonet fighting, etc to ensure their survivability in the battlefield.

Besides the training in basic military skills, Physical Training (PT) lessons are also conducted to build up the soldiers' physique and stamina, to instill a firm sense of discipline and teamwork amongst the soldiers.

In 1995, MINDEF approved a revision in the BMT to ensure that the best are selected to become officers and specialists, through a better-structured and more focused training programme.

With the revised BMT system, the new Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) was set up as a central institution responsible for most basic military training. The institute was inaugurated on 26 November 1996 and officially opened as SAF BMTC by DPM and Defence Minister Dr Tony Tan on 17 Aug 1999).

This improved programme not only ensures that the right personnel are assigned to the command and combat vocations but also provides for the training to address the different fitness levels of the recruits.

It ensures that the recruit who completes his basic military training at BMTC is suitable for his subsequent deployment and training for the remaining period of his full-time national service.

The centralised training for recruits at BMTC in Pulau Tekong also ensures a more efficient and effective management of basic military training and sharing of common resources. Time spent travelling from camp to the training grounds has been reduced as all training is done within the island itself.
Basic Military Training
The new SAF BMTC boasts a comprehensive range of training and general facilities for recruits. These include well-equipped lecture rooms, training sheds, rifle and grenade ranges, a sophisticated Marksmanship Trainer, and Obstacle and Battle Inoculation Courses.

It also has a sports complex with standard 400m running track, tennis and squash courts. It also has a big parade square with a 2,400-seating capacity, a well-equipped medical centre and an auditorium.

There is also a SAF E-Mart on the island where recruits can use their 'credits' to purchase their clothings and other military-related essentials.
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