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Basic Giraffe Radar (Giraffe)
The Basic Giraffe is a short range search radar. Acting as a Low Level Control Centre, it provides early warning and target designation to all SHORAD systems. The radar is mounted on a 10-tonner, has a detection range of 40 km and a scan rate of 60 rpm.

Giraffe Agile Multiple Beam (AMB) Radar
Giraffe Agile Multiple Beam (AMB) Radar
The Giraffe Agile Multiple Beam (AMB) Radar is a compact, highly mobile radar designed for low level air surveillance. It is operated by 160 SQN. It enhances the RSAF's ability to see further and with better clarity.

a. Extended Range/Height coverage. Its predecessor, the Basic Giraffe (BG), had range and height coverages of 40km and 7km respectively. The Giraffe AMB Radar has extended range and height coverages of 60km and 20km respectively.

b. Superior Detection Capabilities. The BG provided only 2D (direction & range) target data. The Giraffe AMB Radar provides 3D (direction, range & altitude) target data. Its superior detection capabilities also enable it to detect small, low flying and/or slow moving air targets (e.g. hovering helicopters) which were more difficult to detect by the older sensors.

c. Faster Deployment. The Giraffe AMB Radar can be fully deployed by 2 operators and be ready for operations within 10 minutes.

Technical Specifications:

a. Accurate 3D pulsed Doppler radar with multiple track capability.
b. Operating on C-band frequency.
c. Range coverage of up to 60km.
d. Height coverage of up to 20km.
e. Built-in simulator for operator training.
Last updated on 24 Apr 2010
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