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UAV Command (UC)


UC Mission:

To deliver responsive, persistent and precise UAV capabilities to achieve the SAF's mission.

To develop the SAF's UAV personnel, and raise, train and sustain the RSAF's UAV forces.

Squadrons Under UC


116 SQN
Tengah Air Base

Hermes 450

Formed on 31 Jan 2007, 116 SQN operates the Hermes 450 (H450) UAV. The squadron began as a core group of UAV pilots and logistics professionals who were trained and qualified on the H450 UAV system between Oct and Dec 2006.

In Jan 2007, these personnel were moved to their present premises in Tengah Air Base. The first Commanding Officer of 116 SQN, LTC Tan Yik, formally assumed command on 11 May 2007.

With systems and processes properly eastablished, H450 local operations commenced in Oct 2007, when the squadron was deployed for platform stabilisation operations on the H450. The squadron achieved a key milestone by successfully completeing the H450 Phase-1 On-Site Acceptance Test (OSAT) in Oct 2007.

Since then, 116 SQN has gone on to attain steady-state flying operations, through successful integration of their Operations and Logisitics processes.


119 SQN
Murai Camp


119 SQN was inaugurated on 1 Jul 1998, as the pioneering Searcher UAV Squadron of the RSAF. The squadron is mainly comprised of NSmen, with a core group of active personnel who facilitate In-Camp and Flight Training to maintain the operational readiness of the squadron.

The squadron was declared fully operational on 24 Mar 2004, under the leadership of their first Commanding Officer, LTC(Ret) Francis Paranjody. Since then, 119 SQN has been deployed for several overseas detachments - including South Africa and New Zealand, and also participated in numerous high-key Air-Land integrated exercises.


128 SQN
Tengah Air Base

128 SQN was formed on 1 Nov 1988, after the RSAF took over the Raise, Train and Sustain (RTS) functions of all UAV operations and development in the SAF.

Since its formation, the squadron has prided itself on having some of the most experienced UAV operators in the world, and strives to promote Air-Land integration under the auspices of the UAV Command.



Murai Camp
UAV Training School

The UAV Training School(UTS) was formed on 1 Jul 1998. It is responsible for conducting all courses related to the operations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Trainees at the UTS hone their skills on the Searcher UAV platform. Courses conducted by the UTS include the UAV Wings Course (UWC), ROS Commander Course, Payload Operator (PO) Course, External Pilot (EP) Course and the UAV Instructor Course (UIC).

The UTS also participates in SAF exercises by assisting in UAV operations planning and peacetime contigency operations. The school is constantly updating its training methods to ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the ever-evolving role of UAVs in operations.

Last updated on 22 Feb 2012
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