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Vision & Mission
The Air Force 21 Vision 'World Class People, First Class Air Force' provided a blue print to guide the RSAF at the turn of the millennium. Forging ahead towards the 3rd Generation RSAF, there is a need to 'grow' the AF21 Vision to take into account new developments in the areas of operational concepts, technology, organisational restructuring and people development. Hence, the RSAF initiated a year-long Vision refinement exercise to solicit suggestions and feedback from all levels, and our new Vision for the 3rd Generation RSAF is as follows:
The first paragraph reflects the organisational mission and desired capabilites of the 3rd Gen RSAF. Its description of the RSAF as 'First Class' highlights the quality and international standing of the RSAF as a credible fighting force. It also reflects the full spectrum, integrated operations that the 3rd Gen RSAF will undertake with our ability to be a superior force in the air, decisively influencing and shaping the land and maritime campaigns.

The second paragraph reflects the core values, competencies and commitment of RSAF personnel. The usage of 'World Class People' here builds upon the current tagline that has been well internalised by our people. Finally, it emphasises the centrality of our people in the Air Force.
Last updated on 06 May 2010
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