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The Air Force Museum captures the spirit and heritage of the RSAF. The first museum was established at Changi Air Base on 1 Sep 1988. Two years later, an expansion programme was initiated to cater to RSAF's growing heritage needs. Subsequently, the museum was relocated to a brand new building in Paya Lebar.

The museum now resides on 10,600 m² of land, with a total built up area of 4,600 m². The exhibition area comprises mainly the outdoor gallery, eight indoor galleries on the second level and the history of aviation gallery on the first level. The theme for the entire display is "Men, Machine and Method".

Partial Closure of Air Force Museum

The Air Force Museum will be undergoing a revamp from Sep to Dec 14 to refresh its contents and update its galleries with our Air Force’s latest developments. During the period of the revamp, the ind oor gallery on level 2 will be closed. Visitors can continue to visit the exhibits on level 1.

The revamp of the Air Force Museum will be extended through August this year, with the opening slated for 1st August 2015. During the period of the revamp, the indoor gallery on level 2 will be closed. Visitors can continue to visit the exhibits on level 1.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and look forward to seeing you again at the museum after the revamp.



The Galleries
Outdoor Gallery

Walking through the main entrance to the concourse area, you will see many memorabilia being displayed, including features on the past Chiefs of the Air Force.

The outdoor gallery boasts more than 2,000 m2 of RSAF's glorious past, some on the ground and others suspended from the 16m high roof. The viewing deck on the second level provides a panoramic view of these exhibits. The various aircraft on display range from our first possessions: the Cessna 172K, BAC 167 Strikemaster and T-33 Shooting Star trainers, to early aircraft like Hawker Hunter and SF-260 SIAI Marchetti, and finally to more recent acquisitions including the UH-1B Helicopter and A4-S Skyhawk.

You will also get to feast your eyes on aircraft armament and air defence artillery including the Bloodhound Missile, support equipment like practise targets, and even aircraft engines like the Rolls Royce Bristol Viper.
Gallery 1 - Overview

Here, you are introduced to a short history of the development of the RSAF. You are greeted with a warm welcome soundscape and a history timeline that summarises the technology the RSAF acquired over the years since the times of the Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC). The timeline showcase displays miniature models that reflect past and present aircraft, weapon systems and radar inventory.
Gallery 2 - Pre-SADC

Present you with the role of the Royal Air Force (RAF) from the 1950's up to the early 1970's in the defence of Singapore, as well as historic events that led to the formation of SADC. On display are pictorials of the RAF days, the abrupt announcement of British withdrawal from Singapore, former Prime Minister Lee's call for quick Air Force build-up and the rush of events that followed.
Gallery 3 - SADC

Spanning the period from 1968 to 1975, this gallery features the development of the SADC, namely the growth of the inventory and facilities, the advancement of Air Traffic Control (ATC), Singapore Air Defence Artillery (SADA) and the setting up of the Flying Training School (FTS).

Here, SADC assumes the responsibility for the air defence of Singapore. Other highlights are the interactive Tengah Air Base model and the mock-up of a typical office set in the 1970's.
Gallery 4 - RSAF Early Days

Highlights the shift in emphasis of Singapore's defence from the acquisition and initial development phase to the upgrading and advancement phase. Hence, the RSAF was formed from the SADC in 1975.

The exhibits include the history of the air bases, records of first acquisitions, historical milestones and significant achievements, and a Bloodhound missile and Launch Control Post interactive model.
Gallery 5 - RSAF Build-Up

This gallery features the momentous milestones in the development and achievements of the RSAF in the 1980's and 1990's, which gradually led to the emergence of the First Class Air Force of today.

A highlight is the interactive diorama of the Flight Simulators acquired by the RSAF, in addition to the exhibits of special achievements, overseas detachments and a commemoration of 25 years of FTS and helicopter operations.
Gallery 6 - RSAF Operations

Showcases the operations of the RSAF, highlighting the integration and co-operation of the various units to weave together the immaculate air defence of Singapore.

The exhibits include the rescue operation during the cable car crisis, the operations of the ATC tower, the formation of the Air Defence Systems Division (ADSD), the Pilot Attack Instructor briefing room, the 25 years of Hunter operations and the Air Radar Unit operation room.
Gallery 7 - RSAF Today

This gallery aims to project the RSAF as a modern Air Force equipped with advanced technology, and whose operations extend to both local and overseas bases. In addition, this gallery will also showcase RSAF's involvement in large-scale regional and international events. Here, an avionics console of a mock-up F-16 cockpit is displayed.
Gallery 8 - Thematic Gallery

A feature of this gallery will be the display of the core values and the logos of the six Formations of the RSAF. The thematic displays will be put up on a rotational basis.

Such displays include RSAF's vision, bilateral exercises and foreign countries, new major achievements co-operation with other Air Forces and related defence industries.
History of Aviation Gallery

Features the development of aviation since the first flight in the 1900's. This is done in three sections, namely the pre-1900 era, 1900 to 1959 and 1960 to present day. To conclude, this gallery projects the possible directions of aviation history, first aircraft and new technologies.


Information Technology: A special feature of the museum is the assimilation and extensive utilization of information technology. Stereotypical museums only capture the scenes of the past, but the Air Force Museum uniquely harnesses multimedia to enhance the method of exhibition, so that you will have a more fulfilling and thorough experience. Throughout the various galleries, soundscapes, videos and animations have been incorporated into the displays, appealing more to your senses.The email kiosk is also a novel service we extend to you. With kiosks located at the concourse and atrium beside the Thematic Gallery, you can register as a guest and use the Internet facility to search for information related to the RSAF, the Air Force museum and aviation sites. You can even email the material back home and share it with friends and relatives. Through this innovation, the museum hopes to promote a greater interest in aviation and its history.

Theatrette: The museum is equipped with a comfortable, state-of-the-art Theatrette that screens various multimedia productions aiming to increase the visitors' awareness towards the RSAF and aviation in general. This will be a treat for you, both as an introduction before the tour and as a conclusion for the visit.

Functions: The Air Force Museum is definitely a landmark for the RSAF to entertain foreign dignitaries. For all the differences between the Air Forces of various nations, the roots of aviation will bond Air Force personnel all over the world altogether. Special functions are also held in the outdoor gallery area in the dynamic ambience of the exhibits.The third level of the museum also houses the Paya Lebar Air Base Officer's Mess. A club-like facility, the mass is a pleasant place for warrant officers and officers to interact and relax after grueling military exercises and exhausting work hours. Equipped with an advanced sound and lighting system, the mess also serves as a hot spot to hold functions for officers.

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