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  • Chief of Defence Force, Singapore Armed Forces
    Lieutenant-General NG CHEE MENG


    LG Ng was appointed Chief of Defence Force on 27 March 2013. He joined the SAF in December 1986, was awarded the SAF Overseas Training Award (Graduating) in 1987 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 1991. In 1999, he attended the Singapore Command and Staff College and graduated as the top student. In 2002, he was awarded the SAF Postgraduate Award and pursued a Master of Arts (International Relations) at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, United States of America.

    A fighter pilot by vocation, LG Ng held various key command and staff appointments over 28 years of service. These included Commanding Officer, 144 Squadron; Commander, Changi Air Base; Deputy Head, Joint Communications and Information Systems Department; Head Air Plans Department; Director Joint Operations; and Deputy Chief of Air Force. He also held the concurrent appointment as Military Private Secretary to the Minister for Defence from December 1995 to July 1996.

    In his last appointment as the Chief of Air Force, LG Ng led the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) to a high level of operational readiness and built on the successful Third Generation RSAF transformation. Initiatives were put in place to train and develop its people to meet future demands, especially in the fields of operations and engineering. Key capabilities were also delivered in the form of the F-15SG Strike Eagle, G550 Airborne Early Warning aircraft, S-70B naval helicopter, Heron-1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and renewed air defence concepts and weapon systems. His steadfast leadership enabled the RSAF to grow as a highly professional force with a strong safety record and ethos of people development. LG Ng also forged close working relations between the RSAF and air forces around the world, and actively engaged the community through outreach programmes and partnerships with schools.

    LG Ng has held several directorship appointments in public and private organisations. He currently sits on the Boards of Singapore Technologies Engineering, Defence Science and Technology Agency, and Jurong Town Corporation.

    For his outstanding contributions to the SAF, LG Ng was awarded the prestigious Public Administration Medal (Gold) (Military) in 2011. He was also conferred the Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand in 2011, the Bintang Swa Bhuwana Paksa Utama (Indonesia) in 2012 and the Darjah Paduka Keberanian Laila Terbilang Yang Amat Gemilang Darjah Pertama (Most Exalted Order of Paduka Keberanian Laila Terbilang - First Class) (Brunei) in 2013. In 2015, LG Ng was conferred the Darjah Panglima Gagah Angkatan Tentera (Honorary Malaysian Armed Forces Order for Valour (First Degree), Gallant Commander of the Malaysian Armed Force) and Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant (Thailand) and the Commandeur De La Légion D'Honneur (French Order of the Legion of Honour with the rank of Commander).

    LG Ng and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, Sara and Elisabeth.

    Singapore Armed Forces Sergeant Major
    Chief Warrant Officer TANG PECK OON

    CWO Tang Peck Oon was sworn in as Singapore Armed Forces Sergeant Major on 13 August 2014. As Singapore Armed Forces Sergeant Major, CWO Tang provides professional advices to the Chief of Defence Force in the management of WOSpecs and Military Experts, while performing the roles of a leader and mentor.

    CWO Tang Peck Oon joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as a Commando Fighter in July 1977. His outstanding leadership qualities have seen him hold key appointments in the SAF. These include the Regimental Sergeant Major of 1st Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment, Officer-Commanding of School of Infantry Specialists, Brigade Sergeant Major of 23rd Singapore Infantry Brigade, Division Sergeant Major of 9th Division/ Headquarters Infantry, and the pinnacle WOSpec appointment in the Army - Sergeant Major of the Army.

    CWO Tang's military and civilian education includes, inter alia, the United States Army Sergeant Major Course at Fort Bliss, Texas (USA), Ranger Course, Basic Airborne Course, Parachute Jump Instructor Course and several other professional leadership and development courses. He has a Diploma in Supervisory Management and attained a Specialist Advanced Diploma in Learning Science.

    CWO Tang's distinguished list of awards is testament to the stellar performance he has made in the SAF. He received, among others, the State Medal for the Military (Efficiency Medal), the SAF Long Service Award (35 years) and the Commendation Medal.

    CWO Tang is married to Violet and they have a son.

  • Chief of Army, Singapore Army
    Major-General PERRY LIM

    MG Perry Lim was enlisted into the Singapore Army in December 1990 and commissioned as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Officer Cadet School in August 1991.

    A Guards officer by vocation, MG Lim served his junior command, battalion operations officer and brigade operations officer appointments in the Guards formation. MG Lim commanded the 1st Battalion Singapore Guards (1 GDS) from 2003 to 2005, 7th Singapore Infantry Brigade (7 SIB) in 2009 and 3rd Singapore Division (3 DIV) from 2011 to 2013. MG Lim was holding the appointment of Chief of Staff - General Staff before he took over as the Chief of Army on 21 March 2014.

    Prior to his appointment as Chief of Staff - General Staff, MG Lim held various key staff appointments in the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), during the course of his career. He headed the Joint Plans and Transformation Department of the SAF Headquarters in MINDEF, where he was in charge of strategic planning, long-term capability development and resource management for the SAF. He also held Branch Head appointments in Defence Policy Office, Joint Operations Department, and was the Deputy Assistant Chief of General Staff for Operations.

    MG Lim attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 2001/2002. He also attended the United Kingdom (UK) Army's Combined Arms Tactics Course in Warminster in 1998. MG Lim was promoted to his current rank on 1 July 2014. He was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) (Military) in 2010.

    MG Lim is also a member of the Singapore Administrative Service through the dual-career scheme. From 2006 to 2008, he was seconded to the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to serve as Director of Higher Education, where he was responsible for formulating policies, planning and funding for the Singapore university sector and technical education sector, and regulating the private education sector.

    MG Lim received his education in Singapore in Raffles Institution. In 1991, he was awarded the President's Scholarship and SAF Overseas Scholarship to pursue his undergraduate studies in the UK. MG Lim graduated from Cambridge University with a Bachelor of Arts (starred first-class honours) in Engineering in 1994. In 2008, MG Lim was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Postgraduate Scholarship to pursue his MBA in the INSEAD Business School.

    MG Lim is married to Lynn Ng and they have three children - Marcel, Ashley and Alyson. MG Lim enjoys reading and coaching his children in sports. He was a rugby player and swimmer in school, and has recently taken up golf.

    Sergeant Major of the Army
    Chief Warrant Officer

    CWO Ng Siak Ping was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as a Commando on 22 Dec 1982.

    In the course of his military career, CWO NG has held various appointments, which include Operations Warrant Officer and Force Sergeant Major in Headquarters Commando. After which, he was Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the 1st Commando Battalion during which the unit won the Best Combat Unit.  During the unit evaluation by the Army Tactical Evaluation Centre, he was awarded REDCON 1 and received a Letter of Commendation for his outstanding performance as Regimentation Sergeant Major. He went on to assume the appointment as an Officer-Commanding in Special Operation Tactics Centre (SOTAC). His other appointments included being the Institute Sergeant Major of Specialist and Warrant Officer Institute (SWI), Brigade Sergeant Major of the 23rd Singapore Infantry Brigade and Division Sergeant Major of the 3rd Singapore Division. In 2010, he had the honour of being the Regimental Sergeant Major for the SAF Day Parade.

    Other significant milestones in CWO NG’s career include representing the Army in the Ranger and Pathfinder Courses conducted by the United States Army. He also graduated with Distinguished Honours from the US Marine Force RECONDO School and won 3 awards in the United States Army Sergeant Major Course, namely, the Iron Soldier Award, United States Army Achievement Medal and the International Student Distinguished Graduate Award. He has also participated in numerous military courses including the Army Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major Course, Joint Senior Leadership Course, Ranger Course, Advanced Freefall Course and the Professional Diver Course.

    CWO NG has embraced continuous learning and is a fervent advocate of lifelong learning. He constantly seeks to improve himself, furthering his studies and acquiring a Diploma in Supervisory Management (2002), a Diploma in Learning Science (2009) and an Advance Diploma in Learning and Instruction at NIE (2012).  

    During his career, CWO NG has received various awards. Some key awards include the SAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (12, 22, 30 years), the SAF Efficiency Medal and the SAF Overseas Medal (Indonesia and Cambodia).

    CWO NG is married to, Hong Ying, and has a daughter, Nicole Ng and a son, Nigel Ng.

  • RADM Lai Chung Han

    Chief of Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy
    Rear-Admiral LAI CHUNG HAN

    Rear Admiral Lai Chung Han was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces in January 1992 and was awarded the prestigious President's Scholarship and Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Economics from Cambridge University, UK. Rear Admiral Lai was also awarded the SAF Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship (General Development) in 2006, and graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University, USA. He also graduated from the US Naval Staff College course, conducted at the US Naval War College.

    Rear Admiral Lai's early days in the RSN were spent with the Missile Corvettes, first as a junior officer and later as the Executive Officer onboard RSS VALOUR. He subsequently assumed command of the Missile Corvette RSS VALIANT in 2002-2004, during which the ship won the Fleet's People Excellence and Unit Excellence Awards. Upon completion of his postgraduate studies in Harvard, Rear Admiral Lai returned to command the Missile Corvette Squadron in July 2007. In April 2011, Rear Admiral Lai was appointed as the Fleet Commander following a tour in the Ministry of Defence Headquarters.

    Rear Admiral Lai also held various staff appointments in the Ministry of Defence, including that of Head Long Term Planning Secretariat in the Office of the Chief of Defence Force, and Office Director in the Future Systems Directorate. He also held the appointment of Director (Policy) from December 2007 to October 2010. In August 2012, Rear Admiral Lai assumed the appointment of Deputy Secretary (Policy).

    Rear Admiral Lai is currently a member of the Board for ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd, as well as a member of the Board of Governors for Temasek Polytechnic.

    Rear Admiral Lai was awarded the Public Administration Medal, Silver (Military) - Pingat Pentadbiran Awam, Perak (Tentera) in 2010.

    Rear Admiral Lai was promoted to Rear Admiral (Two Stars) on 1 July 2014, and assumed the appointment of Chief of Navy on 1 August 2014.

    Rear Admiral Lai is happily married to Ng Chiew Yen, and they have two children, Lorraine and Justin.

    Master Chief Navy
    Military Expert 6 PHUI PENG SIM

    ME6 Phui Peng Sim was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in July 1975.

    ME6 Phui started his career in the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) as a Weapon Control Technician, and had served in the Naval Maintenance Base, Missile Gun Boat and Fleet Engineering Office between 1979 and 1983. He was posted to the Naval Logistics Department in 1983 and served as a project senior non-commissioned officer for new systems acquisition till 1988.

    ME6 Phui served in the headquarters of Coastal Command (COSCOM) from Mar 1988 to May 1995 as a Section In-Charge of systems maintenance and as Engineering Staff in Logistics Branch HQ COSCOM. He attended the 1st Joint Warrant Officer Course in May 1992.

    In May 1995, he was posted to the Tuas Maintenance Base in Naval Logistics Command (NALCOM), where he was the Officer-In-Charge of radar maintenance in the Radar Systems Workshop.

    In Nov 2001, he served as a staff officer for Risk Assessment Management in the Tuas Maintenance Base, where he worked on sensor systems dealing with engineering analysis, system health and maintainability studies. He was appointed Chief Warrant Officer NALCOM on 13 Nov 2006.

    ME6 Phui assumed the appointment of Master Chief Navy on 1 Feb 2011.

    He has been awarded the SAF Good Service Medal, the SAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, the Long Service Medal (Military) and the Efficiency Medal (Military).

    He is happily married to Tan Lee Chin and they have two children, Yvonne and Eugene.

  • Chief of Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force
    Major-General HOO CHER MOU

    MG Hoo Cher Mou joined the Republic of Singapore Air Force on 18 Dec 1984 and was awarded the SAF Overseas Training Award (Academic) in 1985. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and a Masters in Arts (Biochemistry). In 1995, he graduated from the Royal Australian Air Force Command and Staff College, where he was awarded the Sir Richard Williams Prize for Oratorical Excellence. In 2000, under the SAF Postgraduate Scholarship, he pursued a Masters in Public Administration degree at Harvard University, USA, where he graduated as a distinguished Littauer Fellow.

    MG Hoo has held a wide range of senior command and staff appointments in the Air Force and in the Joint Staff. He has held the appointments of Commanding Officer, 203 Squadron; Deputy Head, Joint Operations Department; Head Air Plans; Commander, Air Force Systems Brigade; Head Air Training; Commander, Air Defence and Operations Command; Chief of Staff - Air Staff; and Chief of Staff - Joint Staff. MG Hoo was appointed Chief of Air Force on 25 Mar 13.

    For his contributions to the SAF, MG Hoo was awarded the Singapore Armed Forces Service and Good Conduct (30 years) Medal and the Public Administration Medal (Gold) (Military) in 2014.

    MG Hoo is happily married to Julie. He enjoys travelling and reading during his free time.


    Air Force Command Chief
    Military Expert 5 M.A. PATHI

    ME5 M.A. Pathi was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces in 1977 and served with the 46th Singapore Armoured Regiment as a Combat Medic. He joined the Republic of Singapore Air Force in late 1978 and graduated from the Air Engineering Training Institute as an Airframe-Engine Technician in 1980.

    ME5 M.A. Pathi started his aircraft maintenance career with the FGA74 Hawker Hunters in 140 Squadron. From 1988 to 1990, he participated in the Peace Carvin I program at Luke AFB, Arizona, working on the newly acquired F16A/B, Fighting Falcons. Upon completion of the Joint Warrant Officer Course (JWOC) in 1995 he was assigned to Peace Carvin II detachment in Phoenix Arizona as a Production Superintendent. Through the years he underwent further qualification training on the F16C/Ds at Luke AFB, and locally on the F16D+ aircraft.

    Upon his return to Singapore in 1998, ME5 M.A. Pathi was appointed as the Warrant Officer In Charge (WOIC) of the Quality Assurance Centre in Tengah Air Base. In 2001, ME5 M.A. Pathi was awarded the CLASS sponsorship for further studies and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Aerospace Engineering and Management from the Singapore Polytechnic. In 2002, he was appointed as the WOIC of 140 Squadron and subsequently in 2004 as WOIC of 143 Squadron. In 2006 he was assigned as the WOIC of the Air Logistics Squadron and the Maintenance Centre in Tengah Air Base.

    In 2006, he took on the appointment of Chief Warrant Officer of Tengah Air Base. After the organisational restructuring of the Air Force into functional commands, he was appointed in 2007 as Command Chief of the Air Combat Command. In the same year, he attended the USAF SNCO Course at the SNCO Academy, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

    In Dec 2014, he was appointed to his current appointment as the Air Force Command Chief.

    ME5 M.A. Pathi has been awarded the SAF Good Service Medal (5 Years), the SAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (12, 22, 35 Years), the SAF Long Service Award (15, 20, 25, 30 Years), the State Efficiency Medal (Military), the State Long Service Medal (Military) and the Letter of Commendation (1990, 2000, 2005).

    ME5 M.A. Pathi is married to Thelma and is the father of two girls, Nicole and Ariele.


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