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About Naval Diving Unit

The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) began with the British government's directive to withdraw her forces east of the Suez in 1971. Prior to that, a unit called the Far East Fleet Clearance Diving Team was operating from the old Terror Camp premises where NDU now stands. This unit basically supported the strong British naval presence in Singapore.

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NDU News

ACCORD Members and Union Leaders Visit Naval Diving Unit

Members of the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD), were joined by representatives and leaders from more than 40 trade unions in a visit to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU) this afternoon. The visit was hosted by Minister of State for Defence (MOS) Associate Professor Koo Tsai Kee.

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NDU Courses

Basic Diving Course
Basic Diving Course

The Basic Diving Course is a 2-week course designed for personnel in the SAF who are interested to learn how to dive. The course is specifically designed to teach students the basics in SCUBA diving. Lessons taught include Pool Competency and Underwater Communication Techniques.

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Career Highlight

Naval Diver

Painstakingly nurtured with many years of intensive training, Naval Divers possess tenacity, grit and determination that enable them to operate flawlessly in and out
of water.

You'll be highly trained in the disciplines of explosive ordnance disposal, search and rescue, mine clearance and underwater salvage. This is not a position for everyone. Only a select few will join the "Men of Honour" - the team of professionals who display strength, fortitude and precision whenever they're tested.

Starting pay: $1,524 - $2,001 (excludes Diving Allowance)

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