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Protector USV
Protector USV

The Protector is an unmanned integrated naval combat system, based on a rigid hull inflatable boat. It has a complete sensor, navigation and weapon suite and can be remotely controlled from shore or from ships at sea. It proved to be highly effective in its deployments in the Northern Arabian Gulf where it was used to conduct maritime security and interdiction operations and was operated from the LST.

  • Length : 9.5 metres
  • Beam : 3.5 metres
  • Weight : 4 tonnes
  • Speed : In excess of 30 knots

ScanEagle UAV
ScanEagle UAV

The ScanEagle (SE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system was acquired as part of the missile corvette's upgrade programme to give it an organic surveillance capability. The SE UAV system is made up of 4 components, namely, the Launcher, the SE UAV, the Skyhook, and the Control Station.

  • Length : 1.2 metres
  • Wingspan : 3.1 metres
  • Speed : About 53-55 knots
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