26 - 27 May 2012
F1 Pit Building


NS45 Showcase

To mark 45 years of National Service (NS), the Army Open House will include the NS45 Showcase.

Based on the theme Celebrating 45 years of National Service: From Fathers to Sons, the showcase will feature multimedia displays that bring NS history to life. With Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) volunteers on hand to explain the exhibits, visitors will journey through NS from the passing of the NS Bill to what the SAF is like today.

Visitors will first walk through a time tunnel that parallels the progress of Singapore's transition from 3rd World to 1st with the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF's) development from the 1st to 3rd Generation force. In the tunnel, visitors can relive significant historical moments of NS, and learn how NS has been vital to Singapore's progress.

NS45 Showcase NS45 Showcase

From the time tunnel, visitors will move on to an NS Experience gallery, where NS artefacts will be on display.

The NS45 Showcase concludes by recognising the sacrifices and contribution of NSmen. NSmen who have participated in major military operations will talk to visitors about their operational experiences. A multimedia mural presentation will give recognition to NSmen and NS units for their service.

Before leaving the NS45 Showcase, take some time to pen down your thoughts about NS, or even write your well-wishes for national servicemen!

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